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The holidays are fast approaching and we’re excited to see how our customers are sprucing up their homes for all the upcoming festivities. Whether you’re just hanging a few string lights or planning a full-on home display of lights, here are a few tips to follow to keep your roof shingles intact for the holiday season.

Safety First

As professional roofers, we know a thing or two about roof safety! And your safety is always our top priority. We know how exciting it is to decorate your home, so be sure to follow these safety tips 

Double-check your equipment: Before hanging your lights, it’s crucial to take a second look at your lights and related equipment to ensure that they are safe to use. Make sure to use UL approved extension cords that are specifically designed for outdoor use. Many holiday lights will also be labeled for indoor and outdoor use; make sure you’re using the correct type of lights in the appropriate environment! You should also double-check for damaged wires before hanging them up as decorations.

Follow ladder safety rules: Never climb up a ladder that isn’t safety secured on the ground. Just like cleaning out your gutters, move your ladder to different sections of your home as needed so that you are not overreaching. Overreaching greatly increases your chances of injury or falling. It’s always a good idea to have a partner on the ground that can pass you any tools or equipment you’ll need, as well as keep an eye on your ladder.

Avoid climbing on your roof: It’s always best to stay off your roof if you can. Walking around on your roof without the proper safety measures can be very dangerous, especially for the inexperienced. There are many tools out there for homeowners to use when hanging outdoor holiday lights, like light hanging poles, so that you don’t have to climb onto your roof to decorate it. If you’re feeling extra festive in your decorating, you may even want to rent a bucket lift!

No Nails

Never nail decorations into your roof! Puncturing holes into your roof will damage your shingles and can also cause leaks through your roof. Trust us – a decked out roof is not worth paying for the damage! There are a variety of clips, hooks, and adhesives that can be attached to your gutters or shingles without causing any damage.

Be Mindful of Weight

Roofs are designed to support a certain amount of weight and it’s important to be mindful of the weight you’re adding onto your home. Consider the decorations you are putting on top of your roof; not only can careless installation damage the material, but too many decorations could also add stress to your roof. Unsure of how much weight is too much for your roof to handle? Consider calling a local roofer for an inspection.

Careful Removal

Lastly, we urge homeowners to be as careful taking their holiday decorations off as they were putting them on. Don’t yank your lights off from the ground as pulling them off carelessly can rip away shingles or your gutter system from your roof. Take care in removing your lights one section of your home at a time to ensure that your roof doesn’t get damaged!

Hanging outdoor holiday lights is a fun tradition for many families. IBEX Roof is excited to see all the fun displays this holiday season! If your roof isn’t quite ready for holiday decorating, call our friendly office staff at 360-836-0535 to set up a routine roof cleaning or inspection. We’ll make sure your roof is clean and pristine and ready for those holiday lights.

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