We are True Roofing Experts.
Sure-Footed. Honest. Professional.

Our team at IBEX Roof are true roofing experts, and while we may not be able to literally stand on the sheer face of a dam, there isn’t much else we can’t do when it comes to your roofing and roof management needs.

We have spent years in residential roofing and commercial roofing work—always with an eye on improving our process. We strive to set ourselves apart from our competition through the honing of the core values that drive our company—honesty, professionalism, and excellent customer service being prime among them.

We believe in quality. That starts with the roofing materials we use on every job; continues in the methods of safe, efficient working standards we employ for our team, and continues right down to the experience we create for our clients.

We’re in this for the long haul, and we know that just isn’t possible by producing sub-standard work or creating poor working relationships. The roofing profession isn’t known for offering the best customer service experience. We’re here to change that by setting a new industry standard.