The Importance of Annual Roof Inspections | IBEX Roof

How Annual Roof Inspections Keep Homeowners Happy

Have you scheduled your fall roof inspection yet? October and November are opportune times for your annual roof inspection before the weather gets too cold and rainy. In fact, the
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Are Gutters Necessary for Every Home? | IBEX Roof

Are Gutters Necessary for Every Home?

Did you know the average amount of rain per year in the entire US is 38 inches of rain? And here in the Portland/Vancouver area, we actually get 42 inches
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Why You Should Consider Installing Gutter Guards | IBEX Roof

Why You Should Consider Installing Gutter Guards

When it comes to gutter guards, people either love them or hate them. However, the right gutter guards can be very beneficial in protecting your home and prolonging the life
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Gutter Replacement - Ibex Roof - Vancouver, WA

The Right Time for a Gutter Replacement

Just like a roof, a good gutter system can last over 20 years when properly maintained. And because they can last quite a while, it may be hard to keep
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White paint peeling and cracking on ceiling

Does Cracking Paint Mean There’s a Roofing Problem?

Sometimes, our clients start having mysterious problems in their homes and they’re not quite sure of what the cause is. For example, maybe you’ve noticed paint cracking on the walls
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Storm damage resulting in missing and ripped up shingles on an asphalt roof

What to Do After a Storm Hits

Being long-time roofers, IBEX Roof understands how to expect the unexpected. There are times when we’ve had to act fast in an emergency situation, like when a customer experiences a
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Protect Your Roof from These Animals | IBEX Roof

Protect Your Roof from These Animals

We always recommend getting your roof repaired when it’s damaged, even when the damage is small. There are plenty of ways for a small roof issue to turn into a
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How Much Does Your Roof Affect Home Value? | IBEX Roof

How Does Your Roof Affect Home Value?

While the roof is usually the last thing homeowners want to think about when making home improvements, it is usually the first thing potential home buyers are thinking about. That’s
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Should You Replace Your Roof Before Selling Your Home?

The first thing potential homebuyers see when they come to your house is the outside, a large part of which is your roof. And the roof is often an important
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