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We’ve worked on thousands of different roof replacement and roof repair projects. During that time we’ve worked with many different types of roofing material, differing levels of structural complexity, and varying climate conditions.

Our commitment to quality and craftsmanship means we’ve worked on some great projects during our time as a roofing company. We’ve included a selection of those projects as case studies below to demonstrate the breadth of experience our team offers each of our clients.

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Roof Repair: Leaky Skylight

Roof Repair: Leaky Skylight Vancouver, WA

Skylights provide a great way to let additional natural light into the home, but let’s face it, every skylight you have really represents another hole that has been cut into your roof. That means there are additional opportunities for the weather to get in over time. Our client in Vancouver had a new skylight installed when they had a new roof put on 10 years prior. Due to an improper installation of the flashing, the homeowners were now experiencing leaks and damage around the opening.

IBEX was brought in to assess the damage and make repairs to the skylight, its flashing, and the surrounding surface of the roof. Upon inspection it was clear that the leaks were due to incorrect installation, and as a result, damage that accrued over time. We sourced asphalt shingles that would match the current roofing and set in to replacing and repairing all the damage. Custom metal flashing was created and installed to prevent the issue from reoccurring.

Project Highlights

  • Previous roofer installed flashing wrong, causing leaks on 10 year old roof
  • Customer was able to have IBEX fix the work, instead of buying whole new roof
  • We sourced matching shingles, removed shoddy work, and installed ice and water membrane, custom metal flashing, and new shingles around skylight to eliminate problem.

Roof Repair: Tornado Damage

Roof Repair: Tornado Damage Battle Ground, WA

The Pacific Northwest is known for its long running bouts of rain and the occasional freak snowstorm. In 2016, however, Battleground was the victim of a tornado—something we don’t see very often. This particular twister touched down in several spots in the small town, and while thankfully there was no loss of life, there was plenty of damage that resulted.

We worked with our client after the storm to repair a roof, custom cupola, and weather vane that had been ripped off the house during touchdown. We rebuilt the custom cupola and re-applied the same copper finish it had prior to the damage. This work also afforded us the opportunity work on eliminating some other leaky areas that the homeowners were having trouble with.

Project Highlights

  • Repairs to roof after 2016 Tornado tore apart roof and custom copper cupola
  • Sourced matching luxury shingle to ensure the repairs matched existing roof exactly
  • Rebuilt copper cupola with weather vane to match original
  • Made changes to the design to eliminate leaky areas which had caused rot under the cupola
  • Replaced major portions of the roof and tied into existing roof without damaging it further

Asphalt Shingle Roof Replacement

Asphalt Shingle Roof Replacement

Many times we are called out to work on a roof that is the victim of poor workmanship. This particular home was only 10 years into its new life. The homeowners had replaced the roof with what should have been a 50 year asphalt shingle roof. Sadly, the improper nail placement by the previous roofing contractor had prematurely deteriorated the new roof.

After assessing the damage of the house, our team determined that a roof replacement rather than a repair would be more cost effective in the long run for the homeowners. It also gave our team time to further assess and fix improper ventilation issues that were occurring due to the improperly installed roof. Sometimes a roof replacement can be more cost effective than the repair needed to correct poor workmanship. We gave our clients the security of a new roof, free of the issues that had previously plagued them.

Project Highlights

  • 50 year shingle installed on a roof improperly, causing roof failure after 10 years despite a premium shingle
  • Diagnosed, determined improper nail placement was causing leaks
  • Determined it was more cost effective to replace the roof rather than repair, as the whole roof was installed incorrectly
  • Roof was under-ventilated. IBEX installed new edge intake vents in roof as part of the roof replacement.

Cedar Shake Roof Replacement

Cedar Shake Roof Replacement Portland, OR

From time to time we are called on to work with a more uncommon type of roofing material. In this case, our customer was having a home addition built that would dramatically change the roofline from the street view. They were concerned about not being able to match the color of the shakes that had been naturally weathered as part of the normal fading process the wood goes through.

To solve this problem, we suggested removing each shake shingle from the back of the roof prior to the remodel. We then packaged and stored them, and upon the construction project’s completion, reinstalled the weathered shakes on the front side of the addition so that the aesthetic look (from the street) was obtained, and the curb appeal wasn’t reduced. The rear side of the house’s roof was done in all new shake shingles and were allowed to weather over time, which was fine because no one could see that from the street.

Project Highlights

  • We installed new shakes on the back of the house over the back side of the addition where they are hidden from view.
  • Installed cedar breather underlayment to ensure a longer life out of the cedar shakes, and installed copper flashing to match existing flashing details.

Asphalt Shingle Roof Replacement

Bates Garden, Portland, OR

Working on a roof replacement on an older, historic home can come with a lot of challenges. This particular roofing project was set in the beautiful Bate Garden section of Portland. The home presented challenges due to extremely steep pitches on the home’s roof. Adding to that there was a concern about damaging the plant life surrounding the house as it featured rare and valuable plants. Roofing material that was taken off could not just be slid off the roof onto the ground, so our team had to come up with another method of disposal that took the natural scenery into account. Great care was taken during the roofing project which led to none of the plants being damaged.

Project Highlights

  • Installed a shingle roof with a tricky flat portion on the back
  • Sourced a shingle that was durable, yet matched the time period of the house (Certainteed Landmark Pro Shingle)
  • Historic Single Family residence at the Bates Garden. The steepness and difficult access of the roof presented a challenge, as the plants surrounding the project were priceless. We tore off the roof and installed a new roof without damaging a single plant, and left the place spotless.
  • Rebuilt areas of rot to match original build style and corrected causes of rot

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