Is Roof Cleaning Really Necessary? | IBEX Roof

The short answer: YES!

Most homeowners dread the need for roof work because they usually don’t get it done until there’s a big problem with their roof. But we promise that getting your roof cleaned isn’t a hassle. In fact, hiring roof cleaning services can save you a lot of money in the long run!

Not Just Cosmetic

You might think that roof cleaning is for keeping up your home’s appearances, but that’s not entirely true. Heavy piles of debris on your roof, including leaves, branches, and pine needles, can add unwanted weight onto your roof. They can also block water from flowing off your roof during rainfall, or, if you live in a colder region, freeze into blocks of ice that can further damage your roof. Additionally, algae, moss, and lichen growth on your roof may lift your shingles, causing either damage or debris to get stuck underneath. Over time, what you may consider a cosmetic problem will likely turn into a leaky problem!

A Small Investment for a Lasting Return

The roof is one of the biggest investments you can make on a house and many know that a roof is not a cheap thing to replace. That’s precisely why getting regular roof cleanings is so important – it can really prolong the lifespan of your roof! Routine roof inspections and maintenance will help you and your roofer keep track of the health of your roof. You’ll then be able to repair small areas of damage as soon as they are found, which will cost a lot less than a major repair or full-on roof replacement.

Check Your Insurance Policy

Another factor to take into consideration is your homeowner’s insurance policy. Some policies actually require homeowners to maintain their roof regularly to keep their premiums down. That means failing to trim those overhanging tree branches could have more consequences than potential roof damage. It also helps to keep your roof cleanings documented in case you find yourself in an emergency situation or natural disaster; if your insurance company knows that your roof was in good shape before major damage, then more likely they will approve your claim.

Different Regions Have Different Needs

Not every roof is created equally. Depending on where you live, your home may have specific cleaning needs. In the Pacific Northwest, pine needles and humidity are two huge factors that can affect homeowners’ roofs. Make sure to trim back overhanging tree branches and keep your roof clear of pine needles, which are acidic and can eat away at your roofing material. Humidity and rain can also cause more bacteria to thrive on your roof, requiring more cleanings.

IBEX Roof has been serving the roofs of the Pacific Northwest for decades. Our roof cleaning services include clearing away debris from your roof and gutters. If needed, we’ll also treat your roof for algae or moss. We never pressure wash roofs or use harmful chemicals that will damage your home or property. Call us today at 360-836-0535 to learn more about IBEX Roof’s maintenance and inspection services!

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