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You may not be thinking about cleaning the debris out of your gutters yet. Although it’s still a bit early, we want to make sure our customers are prepared when the time for cleaning actually arrives! Not many people view their gutter systems as part of their roof. However, they’re actually an essential part of keeping water off our homes! So it’s quite important to take good care of your gutters; increasing the longevity of your gutters will also help your roof to last a long time.  Our professionals at IBEX Roof are not only roofing experts, but we’re gutter experts, too! Gutter cleaning is one part of our roof maintenance program so that you can stay comfortably on the ground. But if you’re looking to tackle your gutter cleaning on your own, here are some common gutter cleaning mistakes to avoid! 

Common Gutter Cleaning Mistakes

Not Following Ladder Safety

Cleaning the gutters may seem like a simple task, but, with any type of roof work, it’s crucial to take the proper safety precautions. One of the biggest mistakes homeowners make when cleaning their gutters is not using their ladder correctly! To some, that may sound silly, but you’d be surprised how many people think they can reach just a little farther than their ladder allows.

Before you step foot on your ladder, make sure that your ladder is safe to use. That means no cracks, bends, or missing rungs. You also need to make sure it’s placed securely on the ground and not wobbly! Lastly, when it comes to cleaning your gutters, move your ladder across each section of your gutter system. Don’t reach out farther than arm’s length or else you risk losing your balance and falling.

Cleaning Your Gutters Alone

Having another person help you clean the gutters is another safety precaution that dramatically reduces your chances of falling from your ladder. Have a partner who can help securely hold your ladder for you, hold a waste bucket, or hand you any tools you may need.

No Safety Gear

Debris in your gutter can consist of all sorts of things, from dead leaves to pine needles to animal droppings. While these things may seem harmless, they can still cause quite a bit of trouble! The last thing you want is something small blowing into your eyes or getting stabbed in the finger with a sharp pine needle. 

Equip yourself with the appropriate safety gear when cleaning your gutters:

  • Rubber-sole shoes to avoid slipping
  • Eye-protection
  • Safety mask for your mouth
  • Work gloves

Climbing onto Your Roof

Gutter systems typically run along the edge of the roof, which means there’s no reason to climb onto your roof when cleaning your gutters. If you suspect there is a problem with your gutter system or damage on your roof, then call a professional roofer to check it out.

Using Power Tools

It may take a little extra time and care, but it’s usually best to clean out your gutters by hand. Leaf blowers or using other types of power tools can cause the debris in your gutters to spread onto your roof or damage your gutter system altogether. 

Not Inspecting Your Gutters

Lastly, one of the biggest gutter cleaning mistakes homeowners make is ignoring their gutter system altogether. It doesn’t take much time to check out the state of your gutters. If you don’t have time to get it done, call IBEX Roof and we’ll take care of it for you. We can also guide you in the right direction if you’re looking to install a new gutter system or if you want to add gutter guards to prolong the life of your gutters. 

To learn more about our gutter systems, gutter guards, or our gutter maintenance program, give us a call at 360-836-0535!

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