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Is your home as welcoming on the outside as it is the inside? There are a lot of small ways of improving your home’s curb appeal so that your home always looks new and inviting. For homeowners, there is nothing like coming back to a good looking home after a long workday. Or, if you’re planning on selling, your curb appeal can positively affect your home value.

Curb appeal is all about paying attention to the small details; you would be surprised at how much newer your house may look just by replacing an old mailbox! You’ll also notice that many of these steps that help your home look good will also help to upkeep your home so that it stays in great shape. Read on to learn more!

Replace Old Fixtures

If your porch fixtures are rusty, dusty, or broken, consider replacing them with new ones. New light fixtures take little time to install and can make a huge impact on your home. Or, if your light bulbs are burnt out, replace them! It might seem so simple, but adding light onto your porch will make your home look brighter, newer, and more approachable. It will also make the walkway to your home a lot safer!

Clean Your Gutters

Having leaves stick out of your gutters might not seem like a big deal but that build-up of debris can make your home look old and dirty. Furthermore, this can actually cause your gutters to clog, which can potentially damage your home and lawn. Protect your home and keep it clean by cleaning out your gutters safely.

Add Greenery

Planters, shrubs, and flowers make great accessories for beautifying your home’s exterior. Don’t worry if you don’t have a green thumb as even just a few simple plants by your front door can make a positive impact. 

Small Upgrades

Have a free weekend? Here is a to-do list of DIY tasks to refresh the look of your home:

  • Replace an old mailbox
  • Change out old house numbers for new ones
  • Add front door decor
  • Paint your front door
  • Upgrade old hardware
  • Small repairs (replacing broken screens, fixing chipped paint, etc)
  • Add or clean outdoor furniture
  • Power washing driveway or sidewalk (but NEVER your roof!)

Replace an Old Roof

Once your roof has been around for fifteen or more years, we recommend scheduling annual inspections to make sure any small damages get repaired before they turn into big problems. After twenty years, though, it’s probably best to start thinking about replacing your roof entirely. Not only will a brand-new layer of shingles keep your home safe and protected, but it will also add curb appeal and boost your home’s value, too.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Roofers

IBEX Roof is on top of all things roof and gutter related when it comes to improving your home’s curb appeal. We offer several services to meet your home’s needs, from annual maintenance and inspections to small repairs to full-on roof replacements. We want to make sure your home stays safe and looks great. Call us today at (360) 218-3108 to get a free estimate on your next roofing project!

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