Do you know how to tell when you need a roof replacement? Some signs are more obvious than others, but it’s important to keep track of the state of your roof. Most of the time, simple maintenance and repair can help keep your roof in optimal condition. However, roofs don’t last forever, and when it’s time for a replacement, you don’t want to wait too long to get it done. Read on to learn when is the right time for a roof replacement.

Signs You Need A Roof Replacement

An Old Roof

The average asphalt roof lasts between 20 to 25 years. Take a look at your home improvement records to see when your roof was last replaced. If it’s been over 20 years and you’ve been having problems, then that’s a sign that it’s the right time for a roof replacement. If you aren’t having problems, it still might be a good idea to schedule an appointment with a roofing contractor to discuss any areas of your roof that may need maintenance or repair.

Missing Shingles or Granules

Missing or damaged shingles can sometimes be replaced if only a small area of your roof seems damaged. But if all the shingles on your roof are curled, torn, or just plain wonky, that is when you should replace your roof. If you have an asphalt roof, you should occasionally inspect the shingles for granule loss. Granules help protect your roof from water and UV rays. If it seems like your shingles have lost their granules, then it may be time for a roof replacement.

Water Leaks and Interior Damage

When you notice a small waterfall flowing in from your ceiling, then something definitely needs to be fixed. Small water leaks will likely just require repair, but when there are many water leaks and the repair expenses are starting to add up, consider getting a roof replacement. Otherwise, you are risking expensive damage to the rest of your home.

Tips to Maintain Your Roof

Here are some tips you can follow to keep your roof in good shape. Whether you’ve recently replaced your roof, or if it’s still not the right time for a roof replacement, doing your part to maintain your roof will help it live a long, lasting life.

Blow Away Debris

The simplest way to keep your roof in working condition is to keep it clear of debris. This includes leaves, flowers, and branches. Using something as simple as a leaf blower is enough to keep your roof clean; there’s no need to climb up there with a brush to maintain your roof!

Follow The Warranty Rules

Get what you pay for by following the terms of your roof’s warranty! That way, if anything ever happens, you’re covered. For example, NEVER pressure wash your roof, as that can decrease the lifespan of your roof and void your warranty.

If you’re still not sure whether or not it’s the right time for a roof replacement, shoot IBEX Roofing a message. We are always happy to help!

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