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Most roof replacements end with a few bundles of leftover shingles that can be saved for future repairs. We always recommend saving them for a rainy day (literally!). Sometimes homeowners don’t have the extra room to save their shingles or they will repurpose them for something else. Other times, they do save their shingles, which get used up for roof repairs. Either way, what happens when you need a roof repair with discontinued shingles?

Finding Discontinued Shingles

It’s not easy to find discontinued shingles, especially if your last roof replacement was done years ago. It’s always worth asking your roofer, though, if they are able to find a match to repair your roof. If they aren’t able to find the exact shingle match, they will do their best to find the closest second. The best way is by looking at the manufacturer of your current shingles as they will most likely have a similar color, if not the same one under a different name. Many manufacturers also have online tools that can show you what different colored shingles will look like on your roof.

Filing Insurance Claims

While some insurance policies might cover discontinued shingles, many don’t. The best way to find out is by checking the roof repair section of your homeowner’s insurance policy. It should say whether or not they cover the matching of discontinued shingles. More than likely, your insurance will only cover roof work needed to ensure your roof’s safety, and will not cover anything just for aesthetics.

Old Roof? Consider a Replacement!

If your roof is over fifteen years old, then consider getting a full roof replacement! This will allow you to choose a new color of shingles and not worry about matching the color of your old ones. Of course, you probably don’t want to replace your roof just for the sake of its color! Book a roof inspection first to see how much life is left in your roof. If your roof is still in pretty good shape, you may want to consider just sticking to repairs with a similar shade of new shingles.

IBEX Roof Is on Top of It

At IBEX Roof, we’ve seen a mismatched roof or two in our time! Although having two different shingle colors doesn’t affect the safety of your roof, we understand wanting to find the best match for your discontinued shingles. If you need a roof repair and your old shingles have been discontinued, we’ll do our best to find the closest match. Nowadays, brands make shingles in all different shades and colors; we know we’ll be able to find something that will make your roof look great. And if you need a roof replacement, we’ve got you covered there, too! 

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