What Do I Do With Leftover Roofing Shingles? | IBEX Roof

A reputable roofing contractor will know how to measure your roof to order the right amount of shingles for your replacement or repair. Because roofing materials are measured by square, there will often be leftover roofing shingles that are usually left with the customers. Not sure exactly what to do with them? Here are a few options to consider!

Save Them for Future Repairs

We recommend saving any remaining shingles for future roof work. When you keep your leftover roofing shingles, you ensure that you’ll have the matching color and shingle when it’s time for a repair. You don’t want to risk having a repair that doesn’t match in the event your roofing manufacturer discontinues the color you originally chose!

Make sure to properly store your leftover roofing shingles so that they will be ready for use in the future. Keep them somewhere safe with a moderate temperature and void of extreme moisture.

Mini Roofing Projects

If you don’t think you’ll be needing your shingles for a future repair or if you don’t have the room to store them, you may consider using them for another roofing project! There will likely not be enough shingles for a whole house, but you could have enough for a dog house, shed, or even a gazebo. 

Walkways or Traction

The rough texture of asphalt roofing shingles makes them a great option for creating walkways or adding traction to stairs. This is especially useful in the winter if your sidewalk or porch stairs get icy and you don’t have any salt or sand on hand. You can also use your leftover roofing shingles to create a walkway in your garden or around your home. 

Donate or Recycle

Lastly, you can always choose to donate or recycle your leftover roofing shingles. Your roofer may be willing to take the roofing shingles if you don’t want to keep them. Or, there are several organizations that may accept them; IBEX Roof donates our leftover materials to Habitat for Humanity. You can also see what recycling options your state offers for roofing shingles at ShingleRecyling.org.

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