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In the age of do-it-yourself and fixing up, there are a lot of homeowners out there who resolve to handle many household maintenance projects themselves. The internet gives us 24/7 access to knowledge on the best way to do everything: mow lawns, paints houses, and clean roofs. So if all the information on roof cleaning is readily available, why does anyone bother hiring a roofing contractor to do it for them? Well, there are plenty of reasons.

It’s Dangerous

If there’s one big reason to leave your roof cleaning to the experts, it’s to avoid the dangers of associated with being on your roof. Simply climbing 15+ feet on your rooftop without proper safety equipment is tricky, and bringing in the right cleaning supplies doesn’t make the job any easier. In fact, falls are the leading fatality roofing industry – and we’re trained on how to be safe! The best roofing contractors not only implement the best safety measures when climbing your roof, but they will also have insurance to cover all their employees in the event of an accident.

Roofs May Have Unforeseen Issues

You may find unexpected damage on your roof, further compromising your safety when it comes to maintaining or cleaning your shingles. Depending on the age of your roof or what it’s been through, there may be weak spots that you can’t see, making it dangerous for you to walk around and stand on your roof. You might also run into an unexpected nesting spot for insects or rodents; disrupting such areas can lead to an unpleasant surprise attack that leads to a nasty fall. A roofing contractor will not only be able to spot these problem areas early on, but they will also be able to approach each situation in the best way and fix whatever is necessary right away.

You May Cause Unintentional Damage

Did you know that pressure washing can dramatically decrease the lifespan of your roof? The direct pressure of the water removes granules, loosens shingles, and can damage your gutters. That’s the most common mistake people make when cleaning their roof, but, as mentioned before, accidentally stepping on a weak spot on your roof could also mean a new foot-sized hole in your roof that will need extra repairing.

Time is Money!

Cleaning your roof takes care and patience. And if you haven’t maintained your roof in a while, then it will require a little extra care and a lot of extra patience. If you don’t know what you’re doing, it could take over a day to get your roof properly cleaned, and that’s if you don’t accidentally find something wrong that needs fixing.

Don’t be afraid to call the professionals when it’s time to clean your roof. Investing in annual roof cleanings by roofing experts could be what helps your roof last longer than average! The roofing experts at IBEX Roof are regional experts for Vancouver, WA and Portland, OR. We do what’s best for our customers, which is why they keep calling us back for all their roofing needs. Get a free estimate for your next roof cleaning by filling out our job inquiry form.

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