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Have you started your holiday decorating yet? Whether you plan on going all out for your neighborhood’s decorating contest or just want to put up a few simple lights, IBEX Roof is here to help. Make sure you’re not accidentally damaging your roof by following these best practices for decorating your roof!

Be Safe

Safety is always the top priority when dealing with your roof, decorating or otherwise. This means following all ladder safety rules, detangling your lights and cords before stepping on a ladder. Create a decorating game plan to minimize time on your roof. Ideally, you should never walk on your roof, especially without proper safety equipment, as fall accidents are one of the top reasons for emergency room trips and can be fatal. Always have a second set of hands to help out.

Choose the Right Decor

No matter what decorating theme you’re going with, always double-check you’re using the appropriate lights, cords, and products. Most holiday decorations will have labels for indoor or outdoor use, and it will help to separate indoor and outdoor decor in storage, too. 

Keep It Light

If you’re planning on adding inflatables and statues to your holiday light show, make sure to keep track of how much weight you are adding to your roof. Any extra weight on your roof can damage your roof’s sheathing and shingles. Even if you’re only putting up lights, the extra weight can put stress on your gutter system. Avoid an emergency roof or gutter replacement by keeping your decorations as light as possible!

Never Use Nails on Your Roof

In addition to reducing the amount of weight on your roof, you should never use nails or puncture holes to hang your holiday decorations up. Instead, there are a variety of products at your local home improvement store that can be used for safe decorating:

  • Gutter and shingle clips
  • Soffit and fascia clips
  • Bannister and deck clips
  • Ornament hooks
  • Suction cup hangers
  • Garland ties or zip ties

How IBEX Roof Can Help

Following these best practices for decorating your roof will ensure a happy holiday season for you and your family. And although we can’t decorate your home for you, IBEX Roof wants to make sure your home stays safe and sound through the rest of winter. We would be happy to come and inspect your roof for you to make sure it’s in good health before you start decorating. Give us a call today at (360) 218-3108 to schedule your next inspection!

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