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If you’re one of the many people who are staying at home over the next few weeks, you may be finding yourself finally getting around to some of those home projects on your to-do list. And as we enter the beginning of spring, one of those tasks may be cleaning out your gutters. If you are planning on tackling the debris in your gutters soon, read on for some of our ladder safety tips to avoid a bad fall.

The Do’s of Ladder Safety

Do check your ladder: Always check your ladder before using it. Make sure there are all the rungs are solidly in place and that there are no areas of damage or rust. There are also different types of ladders and you want to make sure you’re using one that is appropriate for safely reaching your gutters.

Do secure your ladder: Ensure that your ladder is placed securely on the ground and always on a level surface. Never climb a wobbly ladder.

Do keep three points of contact: Always maintain a 3-point contact when climbing a ladder, either two hands and a foot or two feet and a hand. You should also face the ladder when climbing and keep your body near the center of the steps.

Do ask for help: Have a partner to help spot you. They can help make sure your ladder stays secure on the ground and help keep your hands free while you are on the ladder.

The Don’ts of Ladder Safety

Don’t climb onto your roof: Avoid climbing onto your roof, especially if you are not experienced doing so or if you suspect any damage on your roof. If you have gutters on a second story and are unable to reach those areas, call your local roofer for a professional gutter cleaning.

Don’t go out in the wind or rain: There are already risks to climbing a ladder even in the best conditions; there’s no need to endanger yourself even more by climbing a ladder in a precarious environment.

Don’t overload your ladder: Ladders have weight restrictions and carrying too much can damage your ladder or make it wobbly and cause a fall. Not to mention, carrying things up and down your ladder means you’re not keeping the proper 3-point contact to stay safe!

Don’t lean or reach out too far: When cleaning out your gutters, always work in sections. Never lean out farther than arm’s reach or else your ladder may tip over from the weight. Once you’ve finished cleaning one section, climb off your ladder and move it over before continuing.

Call the IBEX Pros

Falls are one of the leading causes of injury and our customers’ safety is IBEX Roof’s top priority. Follow the above ladder safety tips if you’re ever working on the exterior of your home. Or, you can also give us a call and let us do the work for you! Gutter cleaning is part of IBEX Roof’s roof maintenance program and all of our employees are experienced and insured. In addition to clearing out your gutters, we will also perform a thorough inspection to make sure everything is in working order!

To schedule your next gutter cleaning, give IBEX Roof’s office a call at 360-836-0535.

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