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Roof damage is a common concern when your roof is continuously exposed to the elements. After all, our roofs are the first line of defense when it comes to our home’s protection! So it’s a good idea to know what types of damage to look out for in certain weather conditions. Read on to learn more.

Rain Causes Roof Damage

We deal with a lot of rain out here in the Pacific Northwest. It’s a typical weather event, which makes homeowners pay less attention to the possible effects unless there is a severe storm. However, if your roof has a leak, heavy rain can turn into an emergency problem. Water tends to take the path of least resistance and if you have any weak spots in your roof, the rain will find it. Regular inspections can ensure that the water is not getting into places where it shouldn’t be, especially after a storm.

Heat and UV Radiation Cause Roof Damage

It should be of no surprise that your roof gets exposed to ultraviolet radiation every single day. This constant exposure is going to lead to shingles becoming brittle. Extreme heat can also cause your roofing material to expand and contract. While roofs typically have sun and heat-resistant coating, over time, that coating degrades. As the coating evaporates, it makes roof shingles more susceptible to damage. Regular inspections help keep heat damage at bay allowing for replacing shingles as necessary instead of an entire roof that has gone unchecked.

Roof Damage and Strong Winds

Gale force winds will cause your shingles to get loose the more often your roof gets exposed. Even if you do not live in a hurricane-prone area, you can still experience strong winds. Strong winds will blow shingles off the roof, leaving areas vulnerable. Missing a few isn’t a problem if you catch it early. More than that, and you could be looking at a bigger problem. It is a good idea to get these replaced when you notice them missing or at inspection time. Not only is this cost-effective in your roof maintenance, but it is also a proactive way to increase the longevity of your roof.

Snow and Ice like Surprises

Whether it is just a few inches of snow or more, snow can cause problems. If your roof happens to be flat, you can expect even more complications. Snow is tricky – it looks like it is melting off your roof, but it will find the most minor cracks and enter your roof. Ice acts the same way. While it looks like it’s melting and flowing off your roof, if there are cracks, it will enter those tiny cracks and could cause big problems like mold or rot. You also don’t want to use a shovel or salt to attempt to de-ice your roof, as that could cause more damage to shingles that are already dealing with extreme temperatures.

Regular Inspections are Critical in Roof Maintenance

Ideally, you could get your roof checked twice a year, preferably before or after extreme temperatures. Checking your roof means you will be aware of any needed repairs before they get out of hand. Taking the time to protect your roof is better for your roof, wallet, and most importantly, your home. Schedule your next roof inspection with our friendly IBEX Roof staff by calling 360-218-3108 today!

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