Damaged pipe boot connected to a brown exhaust pipe

Just as people have to occasionally replace their worn-out shoes, the exhaust pipes on our roofs may need an occasionally re-boot! Repairing broken or damaged pipe boots on your roof is actually a very easy fix. Like most small roof issues, though, they can lead to big problems if not addressed right away.

What Are Pipe Boots?

Pipe boots are the flashing material that surrounds the base of your exhaust pipes on top of your roof. Their purpose is to waterproof your vent pipes and prevent leaks into your roof and ceiling. Without them, there is nothing preventing water and debris from making their way into the seam where your pipe meets the roof. 

It is normal for pipe boots to deteriorate over time; this could be from the natural expanding and contracting of roofs, sun exposure, or other extreme weather conditions. It could also be from excess debris or small animals. 

Signs Your Boot Might be Damaged

Ignoring a broken pipe boot, like most roofing problems, can only lead to other types of damage in your home. It’s kind of like using an umbrella with a hole in it- you’re going to get wet! Some signs that there may be something wrong with your pipe boot include:

  • Moisture in your attic
  • Watermarks on the ceiling
  • Peeling wall paint or wallpaper in the bathroom or kitchen
  • Damaged shingles around your roof’s exhaust pipes

If you see any of these signs in your home, call your local roofer right away.

Replacing and Renewing Your Pipe Boots

The good news is, getting a pipe boot replaced is a very easy process and doesn’t take very long at all. Just give us a call and we’ll be in and out (or rather, up and down!) 

Because damaged pipe boots are one of the most common reasons for roof leaks, it’s an important part of your roof to keep an eye on. And the best way to keep an eye on all parts of your roof is to get annual roof inspections. In addition to looking at your pipe boots, IBEX Roof will also assess the rest of your roof on the inside and outside; we want to make sure everything is in its best shape. Not only will a roof inspection give you peace of mind that your roof is working, but it will also help prolong the life of your roof by catching any problems earlier than later.

If your pipe boots need replacing or if you’re due for a roof inspection, give IBEX Roof a call at 360-218-3104.

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