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The ridge cap is an important part of the roof that cannot be seen from the ground when it gets damaged. Read on to learn more about why getting your ridge cap inspected is a crucial step in maintaining your roof!

What Is a Ridge Cap?

The ridge cap is where the two sides of your roof meet at the top of your home. It’s essentially a large seam and it’s a vulnerable part of your roof that is susceptible to leaks and damage. To protect this part of your roof, roofers will cover this area with shingles so that it can properly shed water and keep your roof intact.

Regular vs Ridge Cap Shingles

Some roofers will cover the roof’s ridge cap with regular shingles, but there are also special ridge cap shingles that are specifically designed for the ridge cap. They’re made out of the same material as regular shingles, though, so why are they considered better than regular shingles?

Even though they’re made of the same material, ridge cap shingles are made thicker for better roof protection. This means they will last a lot longer than regular shingles, will shed water more efficiently, and are less likely to have torn nail holes. They are also pre-bent and designed to better adhere and protect the seam of your roof.

A Better Looking Roof

Aesthetically, ridge cap shingles simply look better on your roof than regular shingles. They are made in the same colors to match the rest of your roof. The thicker material also adds dimension to your roof for a more polished look!

Why Your Ridge Cap Needs to Be Inspected

The older your roof gets, the more crucial it is to get it regularly inspected. While there are many roofing problems you can spot from the ground, the ridge cap is the one area that you won’t be able to see unless you climb up onto your roof. It’s also the first part of the roof that starts to deteriorate, which is why it’s crucial to have it checked out.

The safety and comfort of our customers is the top priority at IBEX Roof! That’s why we will perform free roof inspections for roofs over 15 years old. We’ll let you know how to stay on top of your roof’s health so that it lasts another decade. If no repairs are necessary, you’ll at least have peace of mind for your home. Schedule an inspection today by calling us at 360-836-0535!

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