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Having your chimney routinely inspected is just as important as getting your roof inspected, especially if you have an active fireplace in your home. When you don’t regularly maintain your chimney, you could risk small damages becoming bigger and more costly problems.

Most homeowners who have active fireplaces in their homes will hire a chimney sweep to clean and maintain their chimneys at least once a year. This will dramatically prevent the chances of a chimney fire, which occurs when dirt and grime build-up within your chimney.

As professional roofers, we view chimneys as a big part of your roof. After all, it’s literally a giant hole coming out of the top of your home! This makes it a susceptible area on your roof that is prone to leaks and cracks. That’s why we always look for potential roof chimney repairs during inspections, particularly in the following three areas: the flashing, chimney crown, and chimney caps.

Chimney Flashing

The flashing around your chimney is what prevents water from flowing into where your chimney meets your roof. It’s normal for the flashing around your chimney to get worn out over time, especially when it’s facing extreme weather conditions. Minor cracks in the flashing can be repaired using FlashSeal. But severely damaged flashing, or flashing that is improperly installed, can cause leaks and should be replaced entirely.

Chimney Crown

The chimney crown is a concrete or cement layer that sits on the top of your chimney. It’s designed to protect your chimney from extreme weather conditions and is usually found on larger chimneys. Because it sits on top of your chimney, it’s pretty difficult to see if your chimney crown is damaged without getting on top of your roof to take a look. Small cracks in the crown can be repaired as they appear over time; heavily damaged crowns should be replaced altogether.

Chimney Caps

Chimney caps are normally installed directly on top of the chimney crown. They help to prevent birds, small animals, and debris from getting into your chimney, as well as rainwater and snow. This offers extra protection for your chimney and, if damaged, are very easy to replace.

These are just a few of the most common chimney repairs when it comes to your roof. But if you think you have a different problem, give IBEX Roof a call at 360-836-0535 and we will help you get it fixed!

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