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Homeowners don’t often notice when something is wrong with their roofs because, well, it’s above their heads…literally! But taking time to glance up and inspect your roof is a great way to keep track of its condition. If you suspect something is wrong with your roof, avoid climbing up there; if there’s damage you can see, there may as well also be hidden damages. Call IBEX Roof today if you notice any of these unsafe roof signs in your home!

Sagging Rooflines

One of the most concerning signs of an unsafe roof is seeing a sagging roofline from the ground. There are several reasons why your roofline is bent out of shape: heavy weight on top of your roof, improper installation, or simply an old or weak roof. Sagging rooflines are an obvious sign that something is wrong and should be looked at right away. Otherwise, you could risk a roof collapse or damages in other parts of your home.


Leaks are one of the most common signs that something is wrong with your roof. If water is getting into your home, then it means there is some type of hole or opening that could turn into a bigger vulnerability. Identify the source of your leak right away to assess what type of repair you’ll need.

Soft Spots on Your Roof

Again, if you suspect something is wrong with your roof, don’t go climbing on top of your home to find out what’s wrong. If you do happen to go on your roof and notice soft, spongey areas as you walk around, then get back on the ground immediately. Soft spots on your roof are normally areas that have become weakened or rotted from moisture damage. Don’t risk falling through your roof and call a professional roofer immediately to further determine the damage.

Cracks in Your Ceiling or Walls

Fractures and cracks in your ceilings or walls may or may not be a sign of roof damage. However, it’s definitely a sign that something is structurally wrong. While it’s natural for homes to settle over time, you should always keep an eye on any damage that shows up inside your home. In the worst-case scenarios, you may even hear cracking sounds on your roof or home. If so, call to get your roof or home inspected immediately.


Small rodents and animals won’t enter your home unless there’s a way to get in, and, many times, that way in is through your roof! All it takes is a small crack or hole in your roof for a bird or mouse to take shelter in your home. Ideally, any hole in your roof would be spotted during an inspection and fixed before the critter move-in. But if you find yourself with a sudden pest infestation in your attic, it could mean that a small crack in your roof has turned into a bigger hole and a more serious problem.

Don’t wait for warning signs or red flags before taking concern with your roof. Instead, be proactive and schedule routine roof inspections or cleanings! IBEX Roof is here to make sure that your roof lasts as long as possible and we never upsell services you don’t need. And in case you do run into problems with your roof, we’re here to provide the best roofing solutions so you can continue to feel safe in your home. Let us know what you need by calling us at 360-836-0535 or fill out our online form today!

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