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Roof Repair In Vancouver WA

Repairing a damaged roof is something that can’t be put off. Missing shingles, bent flashing, or punctured decking can allow in moisture that quickly degrades wooden support structures and insulation. It can also encourage the growth of dangerous mold and mildew. If you’re in need of a roof repair, the company to turn to is IBEX Roof.

  • We let you know exactly what you are paying for
  • We’re always on time and on schedule
  • Our repairs are done to industry standards — no “shortcuts”
  • We’re licensed, bonded, and insured

Comprehensive Roof Repair Services

As part of our comprehensive roof repair services, we:

  • Thoroughly inspect your entire roofing system to evaluate the condition of every component
  • Review our findings and discuss all possible repair options
  • Provide a free and accurate estimate for the cost of the job based on your decision
  • Complete the work without delay and to your total satisfaction
  • Keep you informed and updated throughout every step of the project

Roof Leak Repair

Roof repair isn’t always straightforward. While the fix for a hole caused by a fallen branch may be obvious, other damage can be far more subtle like tracking down the cause of a small but persistent leak, for instance. This requires the eye of a highly trained expert. Thankfully, our roofing contractors know exactly what to look for to quickly discover the source of the problem. We only use our own roof repair contractors, never subcontractors, and every job is supervised by an experienced service manager. This ensures all work meets our stringent quality control standards.

At IBEX Roof, we offer a leak stopper guarantee. If we don’t fix the leak for the life of your roof, we’ll either fix it or send you a check!

Emergency Roof Repair

There is never a good time for your roof to suffer a hole, leak or any other issue. But there are times when it’s worse than others — like during a storm, on a holiday or on a weekend. If you’re in need of an emergency roof repair, we are here for you. We provide emergency roof repair solutions to homeowners who may be experiencing:

  • Major water leaks
  • Multiple water leaks
  • Impact damage, such as a fallen tree
  • Severely clogged or frozen gutters
  • Damage as a result of animal infestations
  • Torn-off shingles

If we cannot make the repairs immediately, we will offer temporary roofing solutions until we can implement a more permanent solution. That way your home is protected and no further damage can be done.

No one plans for an emergency roof repair. This is why we recommend keeping our number handy so it’s there when you need it!

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Roof Repair Prevention

Oftentimes, roof leaks are caused by failure to have preventive maintenance performed on your roof. Many roofs have spots that will leak if there is poor drainage — which is very common with pitched roofs. Even clogged gutters and downspouts can lead to roof leaks. If your roof is constantly subjected to moss or debris, contact us. We also provide a professional roof maintenance program.

Experts in Roof Repair Services

Whether the damage has been caused by severe weather or slow deterioration, we’ll repair your roof quickly and completely. No job is too large or small for our team of expert roofing contractors. And, unlike some other roofing contractors, we won’t try to upsell you on services you don’t need. We’ll never put our bottom line above your best interests.

If you’re ready to schedule a free roof repair estimate, emergency or not, contact us at IBEX Roof. We serve homeowners in Vancouver WA, Portland OR, Olympia WA and in the Tri-Cities WA area.
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