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The Pacific Northwest region is known for its coastline, mountains, and rainy weather. And pretty much the only kinds of storms you can expect in the cities located in this region are wind and rain storms. 

However, these storms can cause potential damage to your roof, even if a roofing contractor has inspected it. Here are some of the common types of storm damage in the PNW region and how to avoid them:

1. Wind Blowing Off Loose Shingles 

Windstorms are quite common in the PNW region, given the coastline on one side and mountains on the other. Therefore, you can expect a few shingles from your roof to get blown away during a relatively wild windstorm. Roof shingles can get loose over time, and even though they usually would stay in place, strong winds can cause them to become disintegrated and tear off. 

2. Parts of Roof Coming Undone 

Apart from the shingles, a roof is comprised of numerous structural parts, including skylights, felt underlayments, vent pipes, decking, rafters, collar beams, etc. These components can crack or get loose with the passage of time. Strong winds and rain storms make it worse by causing these components to come undone. To avoid this, you should get your roof inspected regularly and get loose parts fixed as soon as possible. 

3. Trees Falling

Another storm damage that is quite common in the PNW region is trees falling during heavy storms. If you have large trees around your house, especially old trees, there’s a possibility that they might fall during a spell of strong wind and rain and damage the roof and walls of your house. There isn’t much you can do to avoid this type of storm damage; however, planting trees a little away from your house or cutting down old trees with weak and hollow stumps can help you avoid damage to your home from falling trees.

4. Rain Getting Into Cracks and Crevices 

Rain storms are common in coastal and mountainous regions, and PNW is no different. The area experiences lots of rain all throughout the year. Our roofs have many cracks and crevices, and constant rain can cause water to seep into them. As a result, the wood becomes swollen, causing the nails to come off. Also, water seepage can weaken the entire structure of the roof. The solution? Regular inspection and filling of cracks as soon as you discover them. As for crevices, keep them to the minimum. The fewer the crevices on the roof, the lesser the chance of water getting inside them. 

5. Shingle Granule Loss

The shingles on our roofs have mineral granules embedded into them to give them color and deflect the sun from the roof. Heavy rain storms can knock off these granules, which get stuck in leaves, pipes, and debris. Granule loss can cause the shingles to wear off earlier than expected. Also, the sun rays are not deflected, causing direct exposure, which can make your home’s interior warmer in the summer. So, if your roof is old or you notice granule loss, it’s time to replace your roof or repair it.

If you’re in the PNW region, you can expect common types of storm damage like shingles tearing off, roof parts coming undone, water seepage inside the house, and shingles wearing off faster due to granule loss. You can lessen the impact of these damages by getting your roof inspected regularly and repaired instantly. 

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