Roof leaks are usually a result of another undetected problem on your roof. It’s important for house owners to know how to find a roof leak before it causes further damage to their home! Today, we will go over why your roof may be leaking and how to fix it.

part of a roof peeled back that exposes some roof damage

Reasons Why Roofs Leak

It’s helpful to know the different reasons why roofs leak so you can prevent your roof from leaking at all. Some of the most common reasons include:

  • Old roof
  • Heavy winds, rain, hail, ice, or snow buildup
  • Exposed nail holes
  • Missing roof shingles
  • Damage from fallen tree branches
  • Clogged gutters and downspouts
  • Open gaps in flashing
  • Exposed nail holes
  • Rotting wood

How to Find a Roof Leak

It’s important to know some of the basic signs on how to find a roof leak so you can act fast as soon as there is a problem. The most obvious sign of a roof leak is if you hear or see water dripping from your ceiling and into your house. If there’s no dripping, you may still notice discoloration and wet spots in your ceiling or drywall. Prevent water from pooling in your drywall by poking a small hole in your wall and draining the water into a bucket until you can get your roof leak fixed.

You can also find a roof leak by going into your attic, if you have one, and checking for wet spots or dark stains after heavy rain. If you think there may be a roof leak and you want to be proactive, you can also wet your roof with a hose on a dry day and see if any wet spots show up in your attic ceiling.

If you don’t have an attic and want to take a look at your roof, keep an eye out for damage, missing shingles, or gaps in the flashing. Always be careful when climbing up to your roof, and never go on a steep roof alone or without safety measures.

Fixing Your Roof

When you know your roof is leaking, it’s vital to get it fixed before your leak causes mold, wood rot, fungus, or any structural damage to your home. Depending on what the situation is, there are a few ways to resolve a roof leak.

If your roof leak is a result of cracked flashing, we can use roofing cement to seal the gaps. We can also replace missing or torn shingles with new ones, as well as rotted rafters or decking. Sometimes, roof leaks can happen if a roof is really old. In those cases, you may just need a full roof replacement to keep your house safe.

IBEX Roofing is no stranger to the Vancouver weather, and we know exactly how to find a roof leak. It’s usually during the most inopportune times when roofs start to leak, which is why we recommend scheduling roof maintenance before a small issue turns into a big problem. If you suspect a roof leak, we can help pinpoint it and repair it accordingly. Call IBEX at (360) 836-0535 to schedule an appointment today!

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