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We always recommend getting your roof repaired when it’s damaged, even when the damage is small. There are plenty of ways for a small roof issue to turn into a bigger problem. But if there is one problem you especially want to avoid, it’s animals getting into your roof. Missing shingles, small holes, and even excess debris can all be inviting signs for animals to come and take over.

Common Animals to Watch Out For


Squirrels are one of the most common roof pests and they like to chew on almost everything. Once they get onto your roof, they will chew on shingles, underlayment, soffit, fascia, and even electric wiring. They are also nesters and will take residence in your attic, especially in colder seasons when they need a warmer home. A great way to prevent squirrels from making a nest in your home is by trimming back tree branches that are hanging over your roof. Also make sure to patch any holes, even small ones, which can serve as entryways for critters to get inside your home.


Not only do raccoons like the chew but they also have hands that can rip things up. Because they are bigger creatures than squirrels, they can do a lot more damage in a short amount of time. Additionally, they may rip up the insulation in your attic to make their nests. Just like squirrels, prevent raccoons entry into your roof by making sure there are no holes or possible ways of entry into your attic. Garbage cans and compost piles can sometimes attract raccoons so it is best to make sure they are covered or properly enclosed when near your house.


It’s common for birds to make nests inside gutters which can block water from properly flowing away from your roof. You can discourage birds from nesting around your home by keeping your roof and gutters clear of debris, specifically twigs, leaves, and pine needles.

Mice, Rats, and Bats

Mice, rats, and bats have the ability to get into dime-sized holes, so it is best to repair any holes in your roof, especially your soffits. These rodents will make nests in your attic, within your walls, and even in your vents. Additionally, mice are very quick to reproduce, leading to bigger pest problems. 

Who to Call When Animals Invade

If animals have already invaded your roof, the first number you should call is your local animal control. Nothing can be done to fix your roof or any other damage until all wildlife is out of your home. If animal control is unable to help, you may have to call a private animal removal service. After there are no longer any animals in your roof, call your local roofing contractor to inspect and repair your roof before further damage is done.

When to Call IBEX Roof

If your roof has already been rampaged by critters, give IBEX Roof a call (once all the animals are out!) and we will come to inspect the damage. We will then let you know what’s the best way to repair your roof or, depending on the damage, if you’re better off with a replacement. 

The best way to prevent roof damage from small pests and animals, of course, is to properly maintain your roof before any pests arrive. This will prevent the most headaches while reducing the costs of fixing the damage. Schedule an inspection today so that your roof has no openings for animals to get in! You can even sign up for annual cleaning and maintenance so that your roof is always in tip-top shape. Give our office a call today at 360-218-3104.

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