Are Your Shingles Strong Enough to Hold Santa's Sleigh? | IBEX Roof

Christmas is right around the corner, so you want to make sure your roof is ready for Santa’s upcoming visit! The question is, how do you know if your shingles are strong enough to hold the weight of him, his sleigh, and his reindeer?

Material and Design

If a roofer can stand on your house and work on it, then it’s resistant to anyone getting up there, including Santa. Materials make a difference, so you need to ensure that the best options are chosen for your roof. That means making sure the materials are suitable for our Pacific Northwest climate! 

For example, if your roof is flat, you’re going to want the materials that work for a flat roof instead of a traditional roof. You wouldn’t put typical asphalt shingles on a flat roof. Likewise, you wouldn’t use slate shingles on a home that couldn’t support the weight. Materials and design go hand-in-hand when making sure your roof is strong enough.

Keep Your Roof Strong

To keep your roof Santa-ready, you want to make sure it’s cleaned regularly throughout the year. You also want to keep up with inspections and repairs to keep your roof in top shape. That means cleaning gutters, inspecting adjacent structures, and keeping an eye out for potential cracks. You want to catch those cracks as soon as possible so you can prevent any significant damage.

If there’s snow in the wintertime, you may want to call someone to shovel the snow from your roof. Santa will appreciate it because it means he won’t have to wade through the snow and your roof will be able to take on the cold wintery weather like a champ. Because snow is slippery, always call a pro to shovel snow off of your roof so you don’t risk a fall!

Spotting Issues

When getting your roof inspected, ask your roofer to keep an eye out for curled or missing shingles. The occasional shingle is easy to replace, and professionals can get it done quickly for you. If there is a large area showing significant damage, you may be facing a complete roof replacement.

Stay on top of things, though, and your roof will be ready when it’s finally time for Santa to land his sleigh on your rooftop. Plus, you and your children will sleep soundly knowing that he’ll be safe up there.

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