We’ve talked about why homeowners might choose to get a partial roof replacement. But if more than half of your roof needs replacing, we always recommend getting a full tear-off roof replacement. Here’s why.

100% Brand New

When you build a new roof on top of an old roof, you are risking your roofing warranty as well as the longevity of your roof. Tearing off your old roof to replace it with a new one ensures that your new roof is 100% new. Getting rid of your old roof will also make sure that any broken, damaged, or rotting material gets removed, providing you a safer structure to protect your home. In addition, a full tear-off results in a roof that just looks brand new. Overlay roofs risk not looking completely flat depending on the condition on your existing roof. So if you are replacing your entire roof, you might as well choose the option that looks the best!

Easier Maintenance

Overlaying a new roof on top of an existing roof only covers up potential roofing issues, making them harder to find later. Leaks and other types of damage will be harder for a roofer to spot. With a tear-off roof replacement, you only have to worry about one roof – your brand new one. With just a single roof on top of your home, it will be easier to maintain your roof as well as assess how much life is left in your roof over time.

Better Home Value

Homebuyers do not want to buy a home that will require expensive repairs right after closing, especially a roof replacement! Having an overlay roof can actually decrease the value of your home, while a brand new, single-layer roof can add home value. Does this mean you have to replace your roof right before selling your home? Not necessarily. But home value and curb appeal is definitely something to consider if your home is due for a roof replacement, even if you’re not selling anytime soon. 

IBEX Roof Has Got You Covered

The last thing we want is for our customers to spend extra money on a roof replacement they don’t need. That’s why we recommend scheduling a roof inspection so that we can assess how much life is left in your roof! Annual inspections allow us to let customers know when they need to start preparing for a new roof. Don’t let your next roof replacement come as a surprise. To schedule a roof inspection today, or to learn more about our roof replacement services, give our friendly office staff a call at (360) 218-3108.

Why You Should Get a Tear-Off Roof Replacement in Vancouver WA - Olympia - Tri-Cities - Portland OR

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