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Skylights can last between 10-15 years before needing a replacement when they are properly installed and maintained. Over time, you may notice little cracks in the glass or around the frame. While minor issues can usually be repaired with caulk or sealant, most repairs will be short-term solutions. Once a skylight starts deteriorating, it’s time to start considering a full replacement.

Signs You Need a Skylight Replacement

Condensation and leaks

Condensation isn’t always a tell-tale sign that you need a skylight replacement, but keep an eye for other problems if you notice water droplets around your skylight. Some homeowners may experience condensation at certain times of the year and it’s not a problem. But if constant condensation around your skylight turns into leaks or result in ice dams, then that is a sign that you may need to replace your skylight. 

Damaged windows or frames

Skylight windows can be made from a variety of materials, from acrylic and plastic to glass. The older a skylight gets, the more susceptible it is to cracking. Skylights can also be damaged from debris collecting on your roof or an overhanging tree branch that fell the wrong way. Depending on the type of damage inflicted on your skylight, you may be able to get it fixed without a full replacement. Call a roofer to inspect any injured skylights as soon as possible if you want to avoid further damage.

No longer energy efficient

Has your energy bill suddenly gone up for no reason? It could be from a drafty skylight. There are a few possible reasons for heat transfer and energy loss. If accessible, you can check if your skylights are causing the problem by placing your hand an inch from the window. If the temperature near the window feels different from the rest of the room, then your skylight is likely the culprit.

Can I Reuse My Old Skylight?

Homeowners due for a roof replacement often ask if they can reuse their existing skylight in their new roof. It really depends on if there is any remaining life in your old skylights. Because skylights have a similar lifespan to a roof, you’re probably going to want to replace your skylights when replacing your roof. It’s possible for old skylights to be improperly installed and misaligned, leading to leaks within just a few years. You should also ask about what it means for your skylight and roof warranties when reusing skylights on your new roof. 

Call IBEX Roof for Your Skylight Replacement

If you’re experiencing problems with your skylight, including leaks or damage around the frame, give IBEX Roof a call. There are many reasons why a skylight may need repair, from improper installation to old age. We’ll come to assess the damage and give you an estimate without any hidden fees. Then, we’ll make the necessary repairs to ensure your home is safe. To set up an inspection, call our Vancouver, WA office at 360-836-0535 or our Lacey location at 360-352-1885.

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