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Do you have a room in your home that seems dull and gloomy? Why not install a skylight to add some cheery vibes to it? Skylights not only make a space bright and sunny but also make it appear spacious with fresh air ventilation. Here are some factors to consider if you are planning on adding a skylight to your roof.

Avoid Skylight Glare

Skylights are a good source of letting in natural light; however, on days when the sun is too bright, especially in summer, it can make your home excessively warm and uncomfortable. Not only this, but unfiltered sunlight can cause discoloration of upholstery, rugs, and curtains. Therefore, when installing skylights, get a UV filter or shade installed with them to lessen the impact of sun exposure.

Opt for Ventilated Skylights

Skylights come in different styles and shapes; however, if you want your home to be cool and bright, go for ventilated skylights, preferably with an automatic mechanism. When the weather gets too hot in summer, it’s nice to open the skylights to let in some fresh air. Not only does this lower the internal temperature of your home, but ventilation helps keep the interior fresh and moisture-free.

Skylight Shape for Better Lighting

The shape of the skylight plays an important role in lighting up your room. For instance, if you want a skylight that spreads light all over the space, install a skylight with flares, like a pyramid or dome-shaped skylight. If you want to focus on a particular area of the room, get a skylight with straight sides so that the light can linearly enter the room.

Type of Roof

Another thing you should consider when installing skylights is the type of roof your house has. If your home has a stick-framed roof built using individual rafters spaced 4 feet apart, there’s plenty of room to cut and fit a skylight between the rafters. However, if your house has a truss-framed roof, you cannot cut the trusses after installation, as it can weaken the roof’s structure. So, if you still want to get skylights, make sure they are less than 2 feet wide so they can fit in the space between the beams.

Limit Heat Gain with the Right Skylight Material

Skylight material is essential in keeping your home comfortable because the last thing you want is your home to become boiling hot. Therefore, when installing a skylight, ensure that it is made with tempered, double-insulated glass with a bronze tint and argon gas between the panes. This type of skylight reduces heat gain and can be installed on any side of the house. 

Skylights are quite integral for illuminating your home and keeping it ventilated. However, there are certain factors you should consider before installing a brand new skylight so that it can benefit you and your home’s interior instead of causing issues. We hope these factors are helpful to keep in mind if you’re considering a new skylight. Our team at IBEX Roof is here to answer any of your questions. Just let us know what you need and we’ll make knowledgable recommendations to meet your needs.

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