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Skylight technology has come a long way and they are a great way to bring extra natural light into your home. A well-placed skylight can brighten up a dark hallway, transform an old attic into a new room for hanging out, and even add value to your home. If your roof doesn’t already have a skylight, the idea of a new skylight installation can be a bit daunting. After all, adding a skylight is adding a new hole into your roof! So what can you expect when considering a new skylight for your home?

What to Expect

A properly installed skylight can last up to 20 years. The two main components of skylights are the lid and the flashing. If you are getting a new roof installed, we may be able to reuse your old skylight but will always replace the flashing. We would recommend replacing your skylight if it’s no longer in good condition. 

Installing a skylight involves both interior and exterior work. You would need to call a drywall contractor to create the interior tunnel between your ceiling and your new skylight. Once the interior framing is in, IBEX Roof will handle all the exterior work. This includes cutting back your roof, framing the opening, attaching your skylight, and installing the flashing. All of this can usually be done in less than a day.

Skylight Replacements

You can tell how much life is left in a skylight by looking at the seal around it. As long as the seal is in good condition, your skylight can be reused. But if it’s damaged, dried out, or cracked, you’ll need to consider replacing it. A broken seal will reduce the energy efficiency of your skylight and may also allow moisture to collect around your skylight. This will eventually turn into a leak around your skylight and could potentially lead to further roof damage. Fog between the panes of glass in your skylight is also a sign to consider a replacement.

Removing a Skylight

Sometimes, homeowners just want a change and decide they no longer want or need a skylight. IBEX Roof can help with that, too! It’s as simple as us removing the skylight and replacing the opening with plywood; it would be as if it were never there. A drywall contractor would then be able to close up the tunnel between your ceiling and the new plywood on your roof.

It’s our mission at IBEX Roof to offer the best customer service within the roofing business. From using only quality materials to following high roofing standards, we only deliver the best and are here to service your roof for the long-term! To learn more about skylight installation or our other roofing services, give our office a call today at (360) 836-0535.

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