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We’ve talked about when it’s time to replace a skylight, but should skylights be replaced when reroofing? Or is it okay to reuse an old skylight? The answer to this isn’t as simple as “yes” or “no”. In fact, the best way to tell if you can reuse your old skylight is by letting us inspect your skylights, first. Then, there are a few factors you may want to consider.

Reusing Vs Replacing Skylights

Simply put, if there is still life left in a skylight, then we’ll reuse it. We can tell whether or not a skylight is still usable; as long as the seal is in good condition, then it can probably be reused. While every situation is different, here are a few examples of when we may choose to reuse or replace your skylight.

Consider age

Skylights have a similar lifespan to roofs. So if you’re considering a roof replacement and your skylight was also installed on your last reroof, it’s probably a good time for a replacement. However, if your skylight is newer than your roof, it’s possible there’s still some life left and your skylight can be reused.

Improper installation

It doesn’t happen often, but we’ve seen a roof or two that was improperly installed by another contractor and the best way for us to fix it is to do a complete reroof. It’s also possible for skylights to be improperly installed. If that happens, we can re-do the installation while still reusing the existing skylight.

Broken seal or foggy glass

If your skylight is damaged in any way, it’s time for a replacement. The most obvious sign is by looking at the seal. If the seal of your skylight looks cracked or dried out, you’ll definitely need a replacement. Another sign is if there is fog or condensation between the glass panes.

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