The Best Way to Remove Mold on Your Roof

October 18, 2019

Earlier this week we talked about how to tell the difference between algae, moss, and mold on your roof. Now that you know the difference, here’s what to do when you know what you’re dealing with!

Cleaning Mold and Algae Off your Roof

Algae and moss growth is more commonly found on roofs than mold but is often confused for mold. Although it may be ugly, having algae or moss are less damaging to roof shingles than mold. It’s still a good idea to get it cleaned right away, though, to prevent more growth which can lift shingles and cause debris to get stuck underneath.

Oxygenated bleach or trisodium phosphate (TSP) mixtures can be used to remove algae or moss growth on your roof. Some contractors may also recommend using a 50/50 mixture of bleach and water. However, it’s important to be mindful of using any chemical treatment, as the water runoff can damage any metal, wood, or landscape around your home. Always read the directions to make sure you’re using the right amount of treatment. Or, call a professional roofer and they will take care of all the cleaning for you!

Unfortunately, mold is a whole different story from algae and moss; the solution might not be as simple as just getting rid of it. Mold that grows anywhere in your home indicates there are ventilation and moisture issues. Even if you get rid of the mold on the surface, it can come back if you don’t resolve those underlying issues. Another big issue with mold is that if you discover it too late, it could have damaged or rotted construction material that will need to be replaced.

Because mold growth is a dangerous health hazard, we do not recommend you clean it yourself. Instead, call a licensed professional who can pinpoint the source, assess the damage, sanitize the affected areas, and let you know what other steps you need to take to prevent mold from growing back.

What NOT to Do When Cleaning Your Roof

While there are different things you can do to both prevent and treat algae and mold on your roof, there are also some methods that you should never consider. This includes:

Pressure washing: What looks like your roof being cleaned is really granules on your shingles being destroyed. Pressure washing is an easy way to decrease the lifespan of your roof more quickly!

Aggressive scrubbing: Just like pressure washing, aggressively scrubbing away at your roof will cause your roof to deteriorate more quickly. Scrubbing the wrong way or using the wrong tools can also damage your shingles, requiring repair sooner than later.

Using harsh chemicals: There are a lot of different cleaners out there, some chemicals harsher than others. You always want to make sure you’re using the right solution for whatever your roof problem is. It’s also important to remember that any chemical you put on your roof will wash off onto the rest of your home and landscape. By using harsh chemicals, you risk damaging other parts of your home or hurting your lawn and plants.

Is it Mold? Call a Professional

If you discover mold growth in your home, it’s best to call a professional right away to take a look. If caught early enough, you may be able to get it removed easily. But if not, you may be looking at a more costly removal service. That’s why we always recommend scheduling routine cleanings for your roof.

Regular moss or roof cleanings should get rid of any debris that doesn’t belong on your roof and dramatically reduces the chances of mold on your home. We will also inspect your roof during cleanings for any necessary repairs to prolong the life of your roof. 

If you do suspect there is mold in your attic or underneath your roof shingles, give IBEX Roof a call at 360-218-3108 to schedule an inspection. Depending on where the growth is (as well as what it is), we can better assess the situation and let you know the best solution.

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