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Just like a roof, a good gutter system can last over 20 years when properly maintained. And because they can last quite a while, it may be hard to keep track of when it’s time for a gutter replacement. IBEX Roof offers gutter inspections and cleaning with our roof maintenance program, and we’ll let you know if your gutters require any repair or if it looks like you need a replacement. Here are some tell-tale signs you can also keep an eye out for so you’ll know when it’s time to call us for a gutter inspection.

Obvious Signs for a Gutter Replacement

Broken gutters

Cracks, splits, holes, dents, or rust are all big indicators that your gutters need to be replaced. We may be able to repair minor damages, but larger fractures can cause water to leak onto, and even into, your home’s foundation.

Sagging gutters

Loose brackets or excessive weight from improper drainage and debris can cause gutters to start separating from your home. If not dealt with immediately, you could be looking at extensive property damage outside of your gutters.

Water damage

Any discoloration around your gutters could mean moisture damage. Look for peeling paint, corroding wood, or rust stains around your gutters, like the soffit, fascia board, or downspout. This could be from misaligned gutters, clogging from debris, or overflowing water.

Standing water

Standing water is an obvious sign that your gutters are not working. This can cause water to overflow and pour over the sides of your gutters. Debris may also collect and add weight to your gutter system, causing more damage later on.

Separating seams

Traditional gutter systems are put together section by section. Over time, the seams between each section may break down or will clog from debris, causing them to separate from each other and cause leaks. When the seams start separating, water is unable to flow continuously to the downspout. Seams can also separate if your gutter system is improperly installed.

Other Reasons for a Gutter Replacement

Flooding in your home

Problems with your gutters may lead to excessive overflow around your home. Pooling water leads to flooding in your basement or other water damage to your home’s foundation when not properly drained. If you notice any of these signs, call for a gutter inspection to find the root of the problem.

Eroding landscape

Another sign you may need a gutter replacement is if your landscape starts to thin out. Malfunctioning gutters can lead excess water into your yard, eroding the soil and ruining your lawn.

IBEX Roof: The Gutter Experts

IBEX Roof’s gutter systems are designed specifically for the Pacific Northwest’s wet climate, meaning they don’t rust and are durable against wind and rain. The gutter experts at IBEX Roof are ready to answer any questions you have about your home’s gutter system! Whether you’re looking for maintenance on your current gutters or needing to install a new system, we’re here for you. To learn more about how our gutter products will protect your home, call our office today at 360-836-0535.

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