IBEX Roof worker pouring powder cleaning agent over mossy roof

Is there some mysterious green growth on your roof? Don’t worry, it’s probably just moss or algae! These types of organic growth are a common roof problem and not a difficult problem to get rid of. Algae and moss travel through the air, so you may even see some of your neighbors’ houses with moss growth. Moss growth usually looks unappealing but won’t cause major damage to your roof right away. However, don’t put off moss removal! Over time, it could start to grow underneath your shingles, lifting them and affecting the longevity of your roof. 

Keeping Your Roof Intact

Before we get into our moss removal process, here are some tips on what NOT to do to get rid of moss on your roof.

Never Pressure Wash: Pressure washing will certainly get rid of moss, but it will also spray away all the granules on your roof, too! This will ultimately destroy your roof and fast-track your need for a roof replacement. Avoid pressure washing or aggressively scrubbing your shingles if you want your roof to last a long time.

No Harsh Chemicals: Some homeowners may want to try cleaning their roofs themselves with store-bought moss removal cleaners. Some cleaners may remove any organic growth on your roof, but harsh chemicals can cause your roof to deteriorate more quickly. Furthermore, those chemicals could find their way into your gutters and landscape when washed off your roof.

Hire IBEX Roof for Moss Removal

IBEX Roof follows a two-phase moss removal process. First, we will treat your roof for moss using a cleaner that won’t damage your home. After, we wait 6-8 weeks to let the moss die off and unroot from the roof. Once the moss has died, we come back and scrub your roof with a brush, clear your roof of any debris, and re-treat for moss. Sometimes, we don’t get 100% of the moss right away because we don’t want to damage your roof. This will depend on how much moss in on your roof – that’s why it’s always best to call us sooner rather than later!

If you notice moss on your roof, give IBEX Roof a call today for moss removal. We also offer other roof cleaning services to help prolong the life of your roof. Fill out our online estimate form or call our office at 360-836-0535.

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