Sometimes, our clients start having mysterious problems in their homes and they’re not quite sure of what the cause is. For example, maybe you’ve noticed paint cracking on the walls and ceiling, even though it was recently painted. Cracked or peeling paint is often a sign of a bigger problem. There are several possible reasons why your paint is cracking, and not all of them have to do with your roof. However, it’s easy to figure out if your roof or attic is causing problems with your interior paint. Here’s how to diagnose the issue.

Check for Moisture on Ceiling and Walls

Moisture is often the main culprit when it comes to peeling paint. Sometimes, this could be from using the wrong type of paint in a humid room. Related to roofing, however, it could mean excess moisture from a leak or improper attic insulation.

Cracked paint is not the only sign of a roof leak; dampness, discoloration, or a bubble of water in your drywall are also signs of a possible roof leak. If you see a bubble in your wall that is filled with water, you should be able to poke a hole through it with a pencil or screwdriver to drain the water out. Don’t forget to get a bucket to catch the water before puncturing it!

The best way to check for a roof leak is by going up to your attic. Check for any moisture, dark stains, or wet spots, especially after heavy rain. If you see either of those in your attic, then you have a roof leak that needs to be repaired.

Is Your Attic Well-Insulated?

It’s perfectly normal to have some movement in your house framing over the years. Wood expands and contracts over time, especially when you live in an ever-changing climate of hot and cold. However, if your attic isn’t properly insulated, you will likely see a lot more expansion and contraction, causing your paint to peel more quickly and easily.

If you feel handy, you can put in or replace old insulation in your attic yourself. Home improvement stores sell insulation and rent out the blower to install it. You can also call IBEX Roof for a roof inspection and we can take a look over your whole roof and let you know exactly what repairs need to be made.

Other Reasons Why Paint Cracks on Walls

Have you noticed some areas of paint peeing from your walls after getting roof work done? If your home foundation is still settling, it’s possible that the vibrations from extension roof work will enhance the settling and cause your paint to crack. This doesn’t happen often and is unavoidable, but it shouldn’t affect too many areas of your home.

If there is no moisture or leaks around your roof and your attic is well-insulated, it’s likely your peeling paint is not caused by a roofing problem. However, it’s always beneficial to get routine roof inspections to ensure that your roof is doing its job and protecting your home. Call IBEX Roof at 360-836-0535 to schedule an inspection today!

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