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Leaky Skylight Repair

We don't just handle roofing repair issues. Our experienced teams can assess and repair damage to existing skylights.

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Custom Skylight Repair

Have a complex or non-standard skylight? No problem! The IBEX team in-depth experience working with many different types of custom skylight systems.

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Skylight Flashing Repair

Problematic flashing can cause serious water damage issues. Our team can quickly assess and repair issues with flashing to help stem problems with leaking water.

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New Skylight Installation

The dreary days in the Northwest make skylights a great opportunity for a little extra light. Our experienced team of installers can provide the perfect skylight solution.

Why Skylight Installation and Repair?

The Pacific Northwest is well known for its dreary days, long bouts of rain, and extremely inclement weather. With all the gray skies we experience here in the Portland metro area, it’s easy to see why we’re a little light on our daily requirement for vitamin D. A skylight is a great way to open up a dark room and let in a little more light during those long winter months. More sunlight means cheerier living environments, and the feeling of letting the outside in (without all the rain and leaves actually coming in the house).

IBEX Roof offers skylight installation and maintenance services for residential and commercial spaces. Our team of experienced installation professionals will determine the best place for the skylight to be positioned to minimize the impact on the existing roofline while giving the best view of possible of the surrounding outdoor spaces.

If you already have a skylight installed, IBEX Roof can help you with the maintenance to keep the skylight looking and working its best. A lot of times skylights will be susceptible to moss or algae buildup due to the consistently moist environment of most rooftops. Our team can make sure that the skylight is cleaned and inspected on a regular basis—minimizing the need for roof repair due to leaky or damaged flashing and other skylight materials.

As with all of IBEX’s other services, our team is focused on the customer experience. We are honest, considerate, and hard working. We are completely transparent about the work you hire us to do and will never suggest services that are not really needed.

Have Questions About Skylights?

We're more than happy to answer any questions you have about skylight installation or maintenance services. Please feel free to use our contact form or live chat to get more answers.

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Dinesh Kumar Murali, Homeowner

Kirk and his team did a great job! Kirk took a lot of time explaining different products, pros and cons of each one of them in depth which helped us make an informed decision. His team was very thoughtful throughout the installation process, answering all our questions patiently. I enjoyed working with them and definitely recommend them.