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What’s your new year’s resolution for 2021? Some of the most common new year’s resolutions include maintaining a healthier lifestyle, improving finances, and making more time for self-care. As roofers, we see the new year as a fresh start and an opportunity for homeowners to plan ahead when it comes to their roof. Actually, it makes a lot of sense to apply many of those common resolutions to your home. By maintaining a healthy roof, you will end up saving a lot of money and reducing the amount of stress in your life. Therefore, here are a few tips on how you can plan ahead and prepare for any roofing problem.

Revisit Your Homeowner’s Insurance

One great way to plan ahead for roofing emergencies is by revisiting your homeowner’s insurance and seeing what is covered. Even just skimming through your insurance policy will make it easier to make decisions in the event your roof gets damaged from a sudden accident or act of nature. In some cases, insurance will only cover for partial damage, and others offer replacements for material matching issues. Some policies cover cosmetic damage, others do not. Familiarize yourself with your policy including the right numbers to call and steps needed to file a claim.

Create an Emergency Budget

An emergency budget is another helpful way to prepare for any roofing problem or other home projects. It is pretty much impossible to ignore a roofing emergency and they often happen when you least expect it. So why not at least try to prepare a little bit by creating an emergency fund.

Scope out Local Roofers

Keep your local roofer’s phone number handy so that you can call them the moment you need their services. If you don’t have a local roofer, find one! It takes time to find the right roofer for you and there is no better time than when you don’t have a roofing emergency. When researching roofers, make sure to ask for the proper paperwork and insurance information, as well as referrals. 

Schedule an Inspection or Roof Cleaning

Speaking of finding the right roofer, consider scheduling your annual roof inspection! This will ensure that your roof is in proper condition to protect your family for another year. Even if you think your roof is in good shape, an inspection can help catch small repairs. This will ensure your roof lasts as long as possible. Even better, schedule a roof cleaning so that your roof is left sparkling clean after an assessment.

It’s not always fun or easy to plan ahead, but doing so can end up saving you a lot of time and money. Our mission at IBEX Roof is to ensure quality roofs over our customers’ heads and with no headaches involved! Give us a call today at 360-218-3108 to learn more about how we can best service your roof and gutters in 2021.

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