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Siding installation counts as a home renovation project, and any time you’re up against one of those, you need to prepare your home ahead of time. Proper preparation helps ensure your home is ready for when the time comes so that the job can get done quickly. Here’s a quick checklist of things to look for as you prep for siding installation.

Check Trees and Shrubbery

You may not think about it until it’s a problem, but if you have trees or shrubs too close to where the siding will be installed, it will need to be moved out of the way. You can tie it back or trim it to make room for installation. Doing so makes it much easier to install the siding.

Clear The Exterior

Lots of people place potted plants or patio furniture up against the side of their home. You might even have a shed or gardening equipment that lives next to the house. Before we get there, you’ll want to clear those things away. It’ll make it easier to move around and install your siding.

Remove Hanging Items on the Interior

Remove any hanging items like pictures, floating shelves, or anything that is delicately placed. They could easily fall off from the vibrations during installation. To keep your possessions safe, remove them from the walls while the siding is being installed.

Clear The Driveway

If you’re having siding installed, you’ve got to think about what your siding team will be doing with the current siding on your home. They’ll bring in a dumpster and put it outside your home to collect the old siding. You’ll want to clear your driveway, so they have full access to clear out the debris and to keep your vehicles safe from any potential damage.

The Day is Near

Always communicate with your siding team to find out if anything special needs to be done beforehand. They’ll likely have a few rules to let you know ahead of time regarding keeping pets and kids away from the work area or maybe any other prep they might need to discuss with you.

Your IBEX Roof team will make sure to let you know how to prepare for a siding installation project. We always want to make sure you know what to expect. If you have questions about what might be needed, give us a call. We’re happy to answer whatever questions you might have!

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