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We’ve mentioned how metal roofs are a wonderful long-term investment for your home. A big part of that reason is their durability and longevity. Metal roofs can withstand extreme weather conditions and don’t require frequent maintenance or replacement. We’ll go over how long you can expect your metal roof to last, as well as different factors that can affect your metal roof lifespan.

Metal Roof Lifespan vs Cost

Even though a metal roof will cost more than an asphalt roof, it should also last you almost twice as long, reducing the number of times you’ll have to pay for a replacement. That’s why metal roofs are worth considering if you plan on living in your home for the long-term. The longevity of a metal roof will certainly justify its cost, although you’ll also want to a few other careful considerations when you’re planning on making that investment.

Proper Installation

If a metal roof (or any roof, for that matter) is improperly installed, it most definitely will not last as long as you would expect. In fact, it could start leaking right away, and you’ll end up paying more to repair or even reroof. The installation process for metal roofs and asphalt roofs are not the same; metal panels are a lot larger to work with than asphalt shingles, so there is a lot less room for error! That’s why it’s crucial to find a roofer that has experience in metal roofing.

A Reliable Warranty

There are all sorts of metal roofing materials out there. Some will be better for roofs with lower slopes while others may have a shingled or commercial look. Your roofer may recommend a certain type of metal roof depending on the needs of your home. But generally, no matter what type of metal roofing you choose, make sure it comes with a great warranty. There are some metal panels that have a polyester-based paint that fades quickly. At IBEX Roof, we use metal panels that are coated with Kynar500, which is a very durable paint coating that comes with a 40-year paint fade warranty. 

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