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One of the biggest complaints in the roofing industry is when contractors don’t properly clean up after they’ve finished a roofing job. And IBEX Roof gets it: not only does a mess left behind look bad, but it can also be dangerous for the homeowners and their family! That’s why we pride ourselves in taking the best care of our customer’s homes, from start to finish. And that includes a thorough roofing clean up.

We Stay Proactive

IBEX Roof starts the roofing clean up process before we even begin working on your new roof. Instead of bringing in a dumpster in to catch debris, we use a dumpster trailer. Big dumpsters can end up leaving ugly scratches on your driveway. Dumpster trailers, on the other hand, have wheels that make it easy to pull up into your driveway without leaving any damaging marks.

Second, we bring out the tarp! We use tarp to cover anything on your lawn or surrounding your home that could be damaged by falling debris. This includes landscaping, ponds, fountains, or backyard furniture.

Catching Metal

Roofing jobs could have over 10,000 nails involved, and that means 10,000 chances of a car tire popping! To keep our customers safe from stepping on any nails after we leave the job site, we sweep around your home with magnets to make sure there are no nails left behind.

First, we use a magnet wheel. As the name suggests, it’s a large, rolling magnet that picks up any metal that is dropped on the ground. Then, we use a smaller magnet sweep for smaller spaces like bushes and shrubs. Using these two magnet tools, we make sure that every space around your home is covered.

Our Finishing Touches

Even after all the metal is picked up and your landscaping looks as beautiful as when we arrived, our expert contractors still do a last sweep to make sure our roofing clean up is 100%. If our metal sweepers can’t fit in a space, such as your gutter, we’ll stick our hands in to clean out any debris left behind.

IBEX Roof loves our customers and we treat your home as if it was ours. Whether it’s a roof repair, roof replacement, or skylight installation, we take pride in our process from start to finish. Get an estimate for your next roofing project by filling out our online form today!

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