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Metal is not a new material when it comes to roofing, but many homeowners are skeptical about installing a new metal roof for their home. There are a lot of myths surrounding metal roofs and we at IBEX Roof are here to help debunk them! One question you might is if metal roofs get hotter on sunny days. And if so, wouldn’t that make the rest of your home warm?

How Metal Roofs Keep Your Home Cool

When hearing the word “metal,” a lot of people may think that metal roofs get hotter in warmer climates. But contrary to popular belief, metal roofing is one of the best materials to help cool your home! That makes them a great choice for homes in sunny climates. First, metal roofs are lighter in weight compared to other roofing types, such as asphalt shingles. Because of its composition, metal roofs will release heat more quickly than other roofs. 

Second, Metal roofs come with a reflective coating to combat UV rays. Thus, having a quality metal roof with an excellent roof coating will actually help your home be more energy-efficient. You’ll be so happy to start saving more money on your energy bills!

Your Home’s Insulation

Lastly, no matter what roof you have, the biggest contributor to how well your home stays insulated is not your roof, but your insulation. Having proper attic insulation is crucial for keeping your home energy efficient. That’s why we also check underneath your roof, in your attic, when performing our thorough roof inspections. If you feel like your home is not properly insulated, we’re happy to help recommend the best course of action after assessing your home.

In conclusion, metal roofs do not get hotter than other roofing types. In fact, they’re great for keeping your home cool, even if your live in a hot and sunny climate. IBEX Roof is here to help you make the best roofing decisions for your home. If you’re still not sure if a metal roof is right for you, give our friendly office a call. We’re happy to help answer any questions you may have and guide you through the entire process.

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