What Home Projects Are You Preparing For?

What Home Projects Are You Preparing For? | IBEX Roof

Preparing your home for exterior renovation is something you definitely must plan for ahead of time. Whether it’s a roof repair or replacement to siding and gutter installations, being properly prepared makes the work much easier on you and the professionals you hire to do the job.

Roof Repair & Replacement

As you prepare for roof repairs or replacement, you might want to remove wall décor if at all possible. If not, you risk the vibrations from having the work done, causing pictures or artwork to fall and get damaged.

You also want to prevent damage to your vehicle, so you’ll want to move it out of the way. By clearing the driveway, it’s also possible for the workers to get around your home without your car in the way. It’s a win-win.

Remove any antennas or satellite dishes ahead of time, so they don’t get damaged. If needed, roofers can also help remove them, and if they need to be disposed of, they will often be willing to help with that.

Siding Installation

One of the things that often gets forgotten when preparing for siding installation is whatever you have leaning up against your house. Typically, this is a shelf or storage shed. These need to be moved before the work begins.

Like roofing preparations, you’ll also want to move your car out of the way and remove anything on the walls. Doing so prevents damages to your belongings. Store your things in a safe place while the work is being done.

You may also want to ensure there’s no power to any outdoor outlets. If you do this, you’ll prevent the possibility of a shock to the workers. If you’re not sure that it needs to be done, ask them before the work starts so you can help them stay safe.

Gutter Installation

Gutter installation requires a few special preparations to make before you get the job started. Check for any existing water damage before the new gutters are installed. Any rotting or damaged wood needs to be repaired before gutters are put on the house.

You’ll also want to think about the drainage. Will you be harvesting rainwater? Or will you be directing the water away from your home? You might also want to direct rainwater towards a garden. This all needs to be decided before getting your gutters installed.

Lastly, if you’ve been thinking about repainting your home, it’s a good idea to get it done before the gutters get installed. Gutter installation can cause chips in old paint while they’re being installed. If you can get the painting done beforehand, it will stand up to the installation while giving your home a fresh look.

A Few Final Considerations

Kids and pets can easily get overwhelmed when any of these jobs are being done, so you’ll want to consider them. Talk to the kids and let your pets stay elsewhere while the work is being done.

Something else to think about is making sure shrubbery and trees are all trimmed appropriately for these types of home projects. Doing so makes it easier for the workers to get the job done right.

Don’t forget to let your neighbors know that people will be over at your home working on these various projects. They’ll appreciate the heads up, so they’re prepared for the noise that comes with doing jobs of this scale.

While some of these things may be an inconvenience, remember that they won’t last forever. Once the job is done, you’ll be grateful you did everything you needed to do to ensure a smooth process all the way around.

How to Decide Between a Roof Repair and a Replacement

How to Decide Between a Roof Repair and a Replacement | IBEX Roof

One way to take advantage of these rainy days is to use them as a tool to monitor the health of your roof. On a good, rainy day, take a look outside to make sure your gutters are allowing water to freely flow through. Additionally, go to your attic to check for any leaks or drafts. If you notice anything out of ordinary, then it’s time to call your roofer to help you decide between a roof repair and a replacement.

Routine Roof Repairs

Not every leak in your home means you need to start planning for a roof replacement. Small leaks, especially when caught early on, can be fixed in less than a day. Other common roof repairs include:

  • Replacing rusty flashing and broken shingles
  • Re-sealing fixtures on your roof
  • Unclogging gutters
  • Replacing pipe boots, chimney caps, etc.

When to Replace Your Roof

When you have a large leak or multiple leaks in your roof, it’s time to get a roof replacement, STAT! Fortunately, there are other ways to tell if your roof needs replacing before it progresses into an emergency situation. Such factors include the age of your roof, granule loss, many split or missing shingles, or an improperly installed roof. Our roof inspectors can often tell how much life your roof has left from an inspection. In fact, IBEX Roof follows a thorough evaluation process we use for every roof. From there, we can tell you when you should start considering a roof replacement.

Consider the Investment

When you have to decide between a roof repair or a replacement, you want to do what makes sense. If your roof only has a few years of life left after a repair is done, it’s probably a better investment to replace your roof altogether. There are many different factors at play when it comes to deciding the best route to choose and that’s why we always recommend getting a roof evaluation first. Our experts at IBEX Roof will inspect your roof and recommend the best course of action for your roof.

Whether you need a roof inspection, repair, or replacement, give our friendly office a call at (360) 836-0535.

Improving Your Home’s Curb Appeal

IBEX Roof crew working on the roof of a large blue house

Is your home as welcoming on the outside as it is the inside? There are a lot of small ways of improving your home’s curb appeal so that your home always looks new and inviting. For homeowners, there is nothing like coming back to a good looking home after a long workday. Or, if you’re planning on selling, your curb appeal can positively affect your home value.

Curb appeal is all about paying attention to the small details; you would be surprised at how much newer your house may look just by replacing an old mailbox! You’ll also notice that many of these steps that help your home look good will also help to upkeep your home so that it stays in great shape. Read on to learn more!

Replace Old Fixtures

If your porch fixtures are rusty, dusty, or broken, consider replacing them with new ones. New light fixtures take little time to install and can make a huge impact on your home. Or, if your light bulbs are burnt out, replace them! It might seem so simple, but adding light onto your porch will make your home look brighter, newer, and more approachable. It will also make the walkway to your home a lot safer!

Clean Your Gutters

Having leaves stick out of your gutters might not seem like a big deal but that build-up of debris can make your home look old and dirty. Furthermore, this can actually cause your gutters to clog, which can potentially damage your home and lawn. Protect your home and keep it clean by cleaning out your gutters safely.

Add Greenery

Planters, shrubs, and flowers make great accessories for beautifying your home’s exterior. Don’t worry if you don’t have a green thumb as even just a few simple plants by your front door can make a positive impact. 

Small Upgrades

Have a free weekend? Here is a to-do list of DIY tasks to refresh the look of your home:

  • Replace an old mailbox
  • Change out old house numbers for new ones
  • Add front door decor
  • Paint your front door
  • Upgrade old hardware
  • Small repairs (replacing broken screens, fixing chipped paint, etc)
  • Add or clean outdoor furniture
  • Power washing driveway or sidewalk (but NEVER your roof!)

Replace an Old Roof

Once your roof has been around for fifteen or more years, we recommend scheduling annual inspections to make sure any small damages get repaired before they turn into big problems. After twenty years, though, it’s probably best to start thinking about replacing your roof entirely. Not only will a brand-new layer of shingles keep your home safe and protected, but it will also add curb appeal and boost your home’s value, too.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Roofers

IBEX Roof is on top of all things roof and gutter related when it comes to improving your home’s curb appeal. We offer several services to meet your home’s needs, from annual maintenance and inspections to small repairs to full-on roof replacements. We want to make sure your home stays safe and looks great. Call us today at (360) 218-3108 to get a free estimate on your next roofing project!

Replacing Your Roof: Tear-Off vs Overlay

The top of a new slate-colored asphalt roof installed by IBEX Roof

When it comes to fixing your roof, there are two options: a roof tear-off or an overlay. Both methods are as they sound. Tear-offs involve removing your existing roof and replacing it with a brand new one. Overlays, however, are when you add another layer of shingles on top of your roof, without tearing anything off. So when it comes to fixing an old roof, which one is better?

Overlaying Your Roof

First, let’s talk about overlaying your roof. This is when you put a second layer of shingles on your existing roof. If your roof already has two or more layers of shingles on it, then overlaying is not an option. Most counties and cities don’t allow homes to have more than one or two layers of shingles, so if you are considering an overlay, it is essential to check if it is even allowed.

Homeowners usually consider overlays when they are concerned about the cost of replacing their roof. However, there aren’t many situations where we would recommend getting an overlay over a tear-off, and it doesn’t really save you much. Overlay roofs have a shorter lifespan than a new roof and may sometimes end up costing more to replace later on. It also adds extra weight to your roof, which could possibly affect your roof’s structure.

If you’re selling your house, an overlay might seem like a good way to improve your home’s curb appeal and up the resale value. This is not necessarily the case. If your roof has any problems such as sagging or rot, an overlay simply covers up those problems but does not fix them. In fact, getting an overlay on top of a damaged roof can actually negatively affect your resale value. 

Roof Tear-Off

When your roof is old and it is about time for a roof replacement, we will likely recommend installing a brand new roof rather than an overlay. While there are many problems we can scope out through our roof inspection, we can’t always get the whole picture without being able to look under the shingles.

The biggest advantage of a roof tear-off is that you end up with a brand new roof. That doesn’t just include installing new shingles, but it also means replacing damaged or rotted decking, using new flashing, and installing an ice and water-leak barrier. This should ensure that your roof has no leaks and that everything is up-to-standard.

The Best Choice for Your Roof

In most cases, tearing off your roof and getting a full roof replacement will be the best choice to keep your home safe and sound. It is all-around a better choice, too, when it comes to warranties, resale value, and the longevity of your roof.

IBEX Roof always puts the needs of our customers first. If it’s about time for your roof to get replaced, give our office a call. Our friendly and professional staff will happily walk you through the options that will work best for your home and budget. And if you’re not in the market for a new roof quite yet, we’d be happy to help prolong the life of your current roof with our inspection and maintenance services! Call for a free estimate today at 360-218-3108.