How Annual Roof Inspections Keep Homeowners Happy

The Importance of Annual Roof Inspections | IBEX Roof

Have you scheduled your fall roof inspection yet? October and November are opportune times for your annual roof inspection before the weather gets too cold and rainy. In fact, the occasional rainfall now is also the right time to check your attic for leaks and moisture to ensure that your roof is prepared for the winter ahead. At IBEX Roof, we aim to provide quality roofs for our customers, and that includes prolonging the life of your existing roof! Read on to learn about why roof inspections are one of the best ways for a longer-lasting roof.

Safety First

Most people don’t often think about the roof over their heads, not until something goes wrong, that is. But waiting too long to inspect or repair your roof can have major consequences. A few missing shingles can turn into cracks or openings in your roof, which can then lead to water leaks, pests, or even mold. Preventing these things from happening is always the easiest way to keep your home safe and sound.

Money Saved

You can either be reactive or proactive when it comes to roof problems – guess which one method ends up being the most expensive? The best thing that can happen from a roof inspection is that your roof is in great shape. Sometimes, a roof inspection will uncover a small area of damage that would otherwise become worse and more costly over time. But catching these things sooner than later means they are less expensive to fix and less likely to turn into a major roofing emergency.

No Part Forgotten

Your roof is a lot more than just the shingles that lay on top; not every part of your roof can be seen with the naked eye. Gutters, skylights, chimneys, underlayment, and even inside your attic, are all part of your roofing system! So while your shingles may look like they are in good shape, a roof inspection will ensure that every part of your roof is accounted for. A roofing professional will know all the places to inspect and how to properly assess for damage.

A Clean Roof

Did you know that simply clearing away excess debris on your roof can prolong the life of your roof? At IBEX Roof, our cleaning services include a methodical roof evaluation so that all your bases are covered. Your pristine roof will improve curb appeal and impress passerbyers while you feel confident that your roof will last for years to come.

Peace of Mind

Roof inspections are a simple and painless way to make sure your roof is in good shape. It takes little time to do! IBEX Roof also offers free inspections for our customers, so scheduling your inspection should be a no-brainer. By just setting aside an hour of your day for us to take a look at your roof, you can get peace of mind that your roof is in good shape. 

Schedule your annual roof inspection or cleaning today by giving our office a call at 360-218-3134.

Are You Due for a Roof Inspection?

Are You Due for a Roof Inspection? } IBEX Roof

This is a friendly reminder to all our customers out there to get your roof inspected! Roof inspections are quick to schedule and such an easy way to keep your roof in tip-top shape. Just like we have annual physicals for ourselves, think of this as a yearly checkup for your roof!

How Often Should You Get a Roof Inspection?

As mentioned above, we recommend getting a roof inspection at least once a year. This is a great way to check on your roof to see if there are small details that need repair. Some examples include replacing broken shingles, swapping out damaged flashing, or performing a general cleaning to keep your roof clear from debris. While these issues may seem small, they can lead to bigger problems. When you stay on top of your maintenance and repairs ahead of time, you can greatly prolong the life of your roof!

Another instance to call in for an inspection is after a major storm or event that may have affected your roof. If you know a storm is about to hit, you may want to get an inspection to document the state of your roof. Then, it will be easier to file an insurance claim afterward. You can ask your roofer to take photos and assess your roof for damage after a storm as part of your inspection.

Don’t Forget to Check Your Gutters!

Make sure your roofer checks your gutters as part of your roof inspection. Your gutter system plays an important part in keeping your roof safe by diverting water away when it rains. As you can see, a roof inspection is not only meant to find problems to fix on your roof, but it’s also meant to prepare your roof for future challenges!

Call IBEX Roof Today

When it comes to all things roof-related, IBEX Roof is on top of it. We’re here to make sure your roof stands the test of time and lasts as long as possible. Our roof inspections are thorough. No matter what type or size roof you have, we run down the same checklist for all roofs to ensure everything is covered.

If you’re due for a roof inspection, don’t wait. Give us a quick call at 360-218-3104 to schedule your inspection today. It could be the difference that helps your roof last for another five years! 

Why Fall is the Best Time for Roof Care

Why Fall is the Best Time for Roof Care | IBEX Roof

What a beautiful week it’s been and we’ve been enjoying roofing in the fall weather. Right now is the perfect time to get your roof inspected, repaired, or replaced, and we promise it’s not just for our sake. Here are three big reasons why fall is the best time to schedule in your roof care appointments!

Better Weather

Now that the weather is cooler and not as hot or humid, it’s the most ideal climate for installing new roofs. Whether that’s too hot or too cold can affect the integrity of shingles and their ability to properly bond. That doesn’t mean that your roof will be installed badly (we are professionals, after all!) but ideal temperatures will ensure that your roof replacement will go as smoothly and swiftly as possible.

Less Rain

Additionally, less rain means fewer chances of inclement weather postponing your roof care. Roof work can be done in light rain, but heavy rainfall and storms can postpone your appointments. When you schedule your roofing to be done in the fall, there’s less chance of your schedule being pushed around.

Prepping for Winter

The biggest reason to prepare your roof in the fall is to get it ready for winter. Inspections ensure that any small damages are repaired and that there are no leaks for when the rain or snow comes. Even if a small area of damage doesn’t seem like a big deal, we highly recommend getting it repaired as soon as possible. Any cracks or open crevices in your roof can be widened by freezing rain or ice, potentially causing leaks. Additionally, pests may use these areas to take shelter in your attic. If that happens, it will be a much bigger problem that will be both expensive and a headache.

There is no better time than scheduling your roofing in the fall. Every roof IBEX Roof climbs gets evaluated under the same thorough assessment. It’s our top priority that your roof keeps your home protected and that you feel prepared for the upcoming winter. Give us a call today at 360-836-0535 to get a free estimate on your next roofing project.