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Surely you’ve heard the phrase, “knowledge is power”? Well this certainly holds true when you go to sell your home. Often, home-owners may wonder what (if anything) they need to do about their roof before they sell. And the short answer is, well, there is no short answer! But we do have a few “rules of thumb” to use as a guide.

  1. FHA loans require a roof life of at least 2 years. If your roof isn’t looking good enough for the bank, the buyer can’t get financing. Also, the buyer will have a difficult if not impossible time getting homeowners insurance, and this can deter a prospective buyer.
  2. A newly roofed house pays you right back. According the NAR-National Association of Realtors-a new roof is one of the most highly valued projects for prospective sellers & buyers. Sellers that re-roof their home get as much as 105% of the project cost back when they sell.
  3. Get an Inspection Certificate. If your roof is only 10-15 years old, consider asking a roofing company to give you an inspection. Ask for an Inspection Certificate. If you have an inspection certificate in your arsenal when you list your home, it alleviates any concerns that the prospective buyers may have before they even have them. And believe us, they will. Home inspections are the #1 deal killer and the #3 cause for delayed settlements. The $150-$200 you spend on a roof inspection will far outweigh the headache of delayed settlement or worse.
  4. Ask your realtor what he/she thinks about your roof. This is the least you should do. Experienced realtors will know what steps you should take with your roof or at least tell you what to expect if you take no action.
  5. Treat for MOSS. The home inspector will definitely catch this one. Not to mention it just plain looks bad. Moss on a roof screams to prospective buyers, “I didn’t take care of my home!” and you definitely don’t want that.
  6. Be Proactive. Get your roof in tip-top shape before you list your home. This will save you $$$. Roofing contractors are often booked out 4-6 weeks. If you put a rush on things because you have to get the roof on before your close date, you may end up either paying top dollar or having a messy contractor experience. Spare yourself!
  7. Never ever ever everevereverever PRESSURE WASH YOUR ROOF. We consider this the biggest no-no of all roofing time. Pressure washing shingles can take granules off or even cut right through them, causing leaks and taking a huge chunk off of your roofs life. We have seen where homeowners pressure wash before listing their home and end up having to either completely replace the roof or cut deeply into their listing price for the buyer to afford a new one.

So there you have it! Now YOU have the knowledge that will give you power when selling your home. Power to relax when your home inspection results come through, power to keep your money in your pocket (or at least boomerang it), power to negotiate when the bidding war starts, power to sell your home in the shape you would want to buy it!

And of course, if you still have burning questions or simply need a roofing contractor that will exceed all your expectations, call us!

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