Stay on Top of Your Roof Maintenance With Expert Service from IBEX Roof

Roof MaintenanceYour roofing system provides year after year of dependable protection from wind, rain, hail, sun, and heat transfer without requiring constant monitoring or frequent upkeep. But just because it’s engineered to withstand decades of weathering, occasional roof maintenance is still a necessity to keep it looking great and functioning properly. Let the experts at IBEX Roof handle all of your maintenance needs. We take a comprehensive approach to keeping your roof in good working order, providing both cleaning and inspection services you can rely on.

Our Cleaning Services

Here in the Northwest, shingles can quickly become stained as accumulated leaves and pine needles decompose on them. Even roofs that are not under a tree canopy can develop unsightly black streaking due to algae and moss growth. In addition to affecting your roof’s appearance, accumulated debris and organism growth can also result in costly issues, such as leaks. As part of our roof maintenance program, we’ll clean every bit of loose debris from both the roof and the gutters in addition to clearing accumulated moss while keeping your property tidy and your landscaping intact. Because we’re a roofing company and not a cleaning company, we have an in-depth understanding of how to properly clean a roofing system. That means we’ll never:

  • Pressure wash the shingles, as it voids their warranty
  • Use harmful chemicals that can accelerate shingle deterioration
  • Disturb any part of the roofing system, thus ensuring it retains its watertight seal

Our Inspection Services

In conjunction with our cleaning services, we’ll give your roof a methodical evaluation, both inside and out. Some of the things our technicians will look for include:

  • Water stains, softened plaster, or any other warning signs that your roof has a leak
  • Missing, buckled, cracked, or loosened shingles
  • Damaged flashing
  • Blocked or damaged gutters

At IBEX Roof, we have a reputation for providing honest and comprehensive assessments. We’ll never try to upsell a service you don’t need. If our inspection indicates that your roof requires repairs or should be replaced altogether, we’ll give you all the information you need to decide what to do next.

Contact IBEX Roof today to learn more about our roof maintenance program and how it can help keep your roof in excellent condition.

“Cody, Jesus, and the crew are the most professional people I have dealt with. Their customer service is beyond excellent, very knowledgeable, and they do an excellent work! Their pricing is very reasonable. I couldn't be more happy with the result. I would recommend these guys/IBEX Roof any day. Thank you for your hard work!”

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“We are extremely happy with the re-roof job Kirk's team did on our home. Kirk made the process easy for us. The crew was fantastic and fast and did a great clean up. We will definitely recommend IBEX to all our friends and anyone in need of roof help... Thanks again for a great job”

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