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If you haven’t prepared your roof for the rainy season, you could face significant damage to your roof. What starts as a small leak can become a much larger issue that can cause major damage to the structure, the foundation, and whatever you have inside. You must take the right precautions to get your roof ready, so it can handle the rains without being affected by the rainwater.

Step 1 – Get Your Roof Inspected

You always start prepping by beginning with a roof inspection. Call your local roofing professional so that they can walk around and look for signs of leaks or damage. You’ll also want to ask them to clear debris if there are piles of anything lying around. NEVER walk on your roof on your own! 

Step 2 – Repairing or Replacing Shingles

Once a roofer comes out to inspect your roof, they’ll be able to tell if any shingles need repair or replacement. Getting these fixed is vital to keeping your roof leak-free.

Your roofer will look for signs like small cracks or tears that can possibly let water in. Depending on the extent of the damage, your roofer will quote you on what the repair will cost you. If your roof is looking particularly rough, it might be time to simply have new shingles installed.

Step 3 – Check The Flashing

Flashing is the metal pieces covering areas where there are seams, like where the chimney meets the rooftop. It’s typically pretty durable, but it can still get damaged over time. Your roofer will also check for holes, rust, or cracks that could signal potential leak issues.

If it’s left unchecked, the results could be catastrophic when water gets through. Roofers can replace it as necessary, but if you’re concerned, make sure you ask your roofer to double-check the flashing.

Step 4 – Clear The Gutters

You need to make sure you also check your gutters before the rainy season hits. If they’re clogged, you’re in for a world of trouble because as the water pools, it will seep into your roof instead of draining like it’s supposed to. Check for blockages or places where debris can get stuck. It’s best to do regular maintenance to prevent major issues, but you at least want to get it done before the rainy season hits.

Step 5 – Maintain Your Trees

If you have trees next to your house, you want to make sure you keep them maintained. If they break or drop branches during a storm, it could cause significant damage to your gutters and possibly your home. Hire a tree trimmer or landscaper to make sure you trim your trees correctly so they’re ready to stand tall against the rainy season.

IBEX Roof is Here for You

Some roofs have unique features that need to also be checked for proper sealant or drainage. For example, if your roof has skylights, they need to be sealed correctly to prevent leaks. Something else to remember is if you have a flat roof, you’ll also need to make sure your roof is ready to handle the drainage that will result.

There’s almost nothing worse than finding a leak when you can’t do anything about it right then and there. Preparing correctly for the rainy season can prevent significant problems to your roof, home, and belongings. If you need help or need a professional, contact us, and we’ll help you prepare your roof so you can face the rain head-on without any worries.

Our team at IBEX Roof is ready to help you get your roof ready for the rainy season. Give us a call today at one of our offices. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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