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Last week we talked about common roofing mistakes we often see and are hired to fix. This week, we’re going to talk about how to spot a bad roof installation. Your roof is one of your home’s biggest investments and it’s important to make sure it’s done right. You can pay for a brand new roof only to have to pay for another one a year later if the first installation wasn’t done correctly. So how can you tell if your roof wasn’t properly installed?

If Your Roof Looks Bad

The most obvious way to tell if your roof was badly installed is if it just plain looks bad. A brand new roof is supposed to add curb appeal, not take away from it! If you notice misaligned shingles, exposed nails, improper nail placement, or something else that’s obviously off, then let your roofer know. If they won’t fix it, get a second opinion from another roofer.

Installation Damages

Is there damage to your gutters, landscape, or other areas surrounding your home? This might be a red flag. Roofs have many parts and layers and attention to detail is important — you don’t want someone who rushed through the job! Some signs to look out for include dirt or footprints on your roof, damages around the foundation of your home, and interior damage in your attic.

Improper Water Flow

One of the main purposes of your roof, besides staying secure over your head, is to properly shed water away from your home. If you notice water dripping or leaking around your roof’s eaves, edges, chimneys, and other areas, then something isn’t right. Make sure to get these problems fixed as soon as you see them, or else they can lead to bigger issues.

You’re Left With a Mess

A mess left in your yard doesn’t necessarily mean your roof was badly installed. However, it is definitely a red flag about your roofer’s workmanship. Most roofers will include a final cleanup and trash haul in your contract; and failure to do so can be dangerous to the homeowner. At IBEX Roof, cleanup is just as important of a step as any other part of a roofing job. We make sure to do a twice-over the surrounding areas of your home so that we get as much debris and trash as we possibly can so that you and your family stay safe.

If you’re not feeling confident about your last roofing job, give IBEX Roof a call. Our team has seen it all! We are dedicated to helping our customers stay safe and feel secure in their home. There is no roofing issue too big or too small — we’re on top of it! Give us a call today at 360-218-3104.

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