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You may have heard tips from other homeowners about the best type of roof to get. Some say to get a light-colored roof when living in a hot area or a dark-colored roof when you live in a colder region to save on energy costs. And while these little tips might save you a few cents off your energy bills, the biggest way to keep your utility costs low is by making sure your home is properly insulated.

The Importance of Attic and Roof Insulation

Insulation is the key to maintaining your home’s internal temperature. Roof insulation sits between your roof deck and underneath your roof’s surface. It acts as a barrier to keep the temperature you want inside the house while keeping extreme external temperatures out. Without proper insulation, your home will have to constantly work to keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter, driving up your energy bills.

There are many other benefits to proper insulation other than lower energy costs, too. Some types of roof insulation are mold-resistant. And because insulation helps maintain the temperature in your home, it reduces the amount of expanding and contracting to your roof’s foundation from extreme weather and temperature changes.

Roof insulation isn’t the only type of insulation to help your home maintain its temperature. There’s also attic insulation, which is installed on the ceiling plane rather than the roof slope. Most homes have at least one or the other; attic insulation is usually easier to install, replace, or fix than roof insulation. However, having both can be cost-beneficial in the long run. Homeowners due for a roof replacement may want to consider having roof insulation installed, as that’s the opportune time to do so!

Does Roof Insulation Last as Long as My Roof?

Yes! The average asphalt roof will last 25-30 years. According to the International Association of Home Inspections, insulation can last 80-100 years, depending on the type you choose to use. Even so, it’s a good idea to have your insulation inspected every ten years to fifteen years to ensure that there is no damage or degradation.

It’s also a good idea to inspect the insulation of any house you plan on purchasing. Unfortunately, not all homeowners keep track of their property history. So even though insulation has a long lifespan, you may not know when the last time your insulation was installed when buying an older home.

Help! My Energy Bill Has Gone Up

In the event your utility bills have suddenly increased, it’s possible that there is something wrong with your insulation. If you have attic insulation, check for any gaps or tears that may be letting a draft in. Moisture or mold-growth can also diminish the performance of your insulation.

If you suspect there is something wrong with your roof or insulation, consider getting your roof inspected. IBEX Roof offers methodical inspection services to make sure your roof is functioning the way it should. This includes looking for water stains or signs of leakage, missing shingles, damaged flashing, and more. From there, we can advise you on the best way to move forward. Give us a call today at 360-836-0535 or request a free estimate using our online form!

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