The most important function of gutters is to lead water away from our home to protect its foundation. The downspout is the section of your gutter or drain that carries water away from your home. But what about a downspout that leads from one section of your home to another? Is it normal to see a downspout draining onto your roof?

Should Your Downspout Be Draining Onto Your Roof?

Some homes have different sections of roofs. Perhaps your home is two or three stories tall, or maybe you have a separate roof for your garage or porch. Sometimes, gutters get installed so that they drain water away from one section onto the roof. But instead of the water being led away from your home altogether, the downspout leads the water directly onto another part of the roof. So is it still effective?

The answer is no. While roofs are designed to protect us from the elements, including water from rain and snow, excessive water flow can deteriorate your roof faster and lead to massive roof repair needs. It can also lead to extensive damage to just that one part of your roof, and it may not be noticeable right away. If your gutter’s downspout is draining water onto part of your roof, you may want to watch out for these signs of damage.

Signs of Water Damage

Moss, algae, and mold

One of the most obvious signs of water damage from a downspout draining onto a lower roof is organic growth. You’ll probably notice a distinct trail of moss or algae growth along the water trail underneath the downspout. Because that area is constantly moist, it encourages unwanted vegetation to grow. This can end up uplifting your shingles over time and allow more water to get underneath and cause other types of damage to your roof.

Watermarks and rust

Another sign of excessive water running down your roof is areas of rust. The constant water flow may find its way underneath your shingles and rust out your fasteners and nails. You’ll also see stain marks on your shingles from dirt and debris.

Roof leaks and rot

If the water from your downspout is able to make its way underneath your roof shingles, it’s only a matter of time before you start experiencing a roof leak. Because the water flow is limited to a specific area, you may not even notice the leak until it’s already caused some serious damage. Water that seeps into your roof deck, insulation, ceiling, and other areas can also lead to rot and deterioration that will need to be replaced.

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