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Roof Repair: Leaky Skylight Vancouver, WA

Skylights provide a great way to let additional natural light into the home, but let’s face it, every skylight you have really represents another hole that has been cut into your roof. That means there are additional opportunities for the weather to get in over time. Our client in Vancouver had a new skylight installed when they had a new roof put on 10 years prior. Due to an improper installation of the flashing, the homeowners were now experiencing leaks and damage around the opening.

IBEX was brought in to assess the damage and make repairs to the skylight, its flashing, and the surrounding surface of the roof. Upon inspection it was clear that the leaks were due to incorrect installation, and as a result, damage that accrued over time. We sourced asphalt shingles that would match the current roofing and set in to replacing and repairing all the damage. Custom metal flashing was created and installed to prevent the issue from reoccurring.

Project Highlights

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