Cedar Shake Roof Replacement Portland, OR

From time to time we are called on to work with a more uncommon type of roofing material. In this case, our customer was having a home addition built that would dramatically change the roofline from the street view. They were concerned about not being able to match the color of the shakes that had been naturally weathered as part of the normal fading process the wood goes through.

To solve this problem, we suggested removing each shake shingle from the back of the roof prior to the remodel. We then packaged and stored them, and upon the construction project’s completion, reinstalled the weathered shakes on the front side of the addition so that the aesthetic look (from the street) was obtained, and the curb appeal wasn’t reduced. The rear side of the house’s roof was done in all new shake shingles and were allowed to weather over time, which was fine because no one could see that from the street.

Project Highlights

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