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Homeowners don’t often think about the roof over their heads until there’s a problem. Frankly, that’s the worst possible time to think about your roof! While there are serious dangers of not maintaining your roof, we’ll start with this: it doesn’t look good. And when your home lacks curb appeal, property values go down, neighbors get cranky, and so on. Roof maintenance is also key to ensuring your roof lives its longest life while protecting you and your family. So what happens if you don’t decide to maintain your roof? Read on to learn more.

Your Roof Won’t Last as Long

Your roof is a big investment. The average roof will last 15-30 years, depending on the types of material and if it was properly installed. That lifespan is also dependent on being properly maintained; new roofs can be inspected every few years, but the older your roof, the more vigilant you should be. 30 years may seem like a long time and is often taken for granted, but you can dramatically shorten your roof’s lifespan when you don’t routinely maintain it. This includes very small tasks like clearing away debris off your roof, re-sealing cracks in the flashing, and replacing damaged shingles.

Repairs vs Replacements

When you inspect your roof, you may find small problems such as the start of a leak, a little moisture, or a clog in your gutter system. It might seem tempting to put off these small fixes until later, but that can result in serious consequences: leaks can weaken your roof’s structure, a little moisture can turn into a lot of mold, and so on. If you notice something that is in need of repair, it’s always crucial to get it done right away.

A Costly Mistake

Skipping roof maintenance will definitely take a toll on your wallet; the difference between a repair and a replacement is simply the time you wait to fix a problem! Remember: roof problems NEVER go away until you deal with them. Additionally, forgoing roof maintenance can also make it more difficult for you to claim a warranty or file for insurance if there is major damaged on your roof. Both of those processes are a lot easier when you can show that you’ve kept up with your roof maintenance over the years.

Our mission at IBEX Roof is to deliver long-term quality. That means we advise only the best solutions for our clients without up selling you something you don’t need. There is no doubt that roof maintenance is very important, but it’s not something people like to think about. So we do our best to minimize the amount of maintenance and repair you’ll need for your roof. To learn more about our roof maintenance services, give us a call at (360) 836-0535 for our Vancouver, WA office, or (360) 352-1885 at our Lacey, WA office.

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