Up close look at rain gutters on a brick home. IBEX Roof in Vancouver WA talks about k-style gutters. K-Style Gutters

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K-style gutters are the most common type of gutters used for homes built within the last 50 years. They are ideal for channeling large amounts of rainwater. Plus, these types of gutters don’t require supportive brackets because they can be nailed into your home’s fascia boards.

What are K-Style Gutters?

K-style gutters have flat backs, flat bottoms, and straight, angled sides, allowing them to blend seamlessly with the design of your home. They’re a very popular choice because they somewhat resemble crown molding.

They are called k-style gutters, because they resemble the letter, “K” when viewed from the side. These types of gutters generally come in 5” and 6” diameters, but custom sizes are also obtainable. They also come in a wide variety of colors and materials including, aluminum, copper, vinyl, steel, and zinc.

Pros and Cons of K-Style Gutters

Pros of K-Style Gutters

  • Affordable: k-style gutters are generally less expensive than half-round gutters
  • Durable: k-style gutters are less likely to bend or protrude and can withstand force
  • Effective: k-style gutters are ideal for channeling large amounts of water and less prone to leaks than other types of gutters
  • Curb appeal: k-style gutters provide a seamless, stylish finish
  • Easy installation: k-style gutters are flat on one side so they can be easily nailed to your fascia board

Cons of K-Style Gutters

  • Hard to clean
  • Inner angles are prone to rotting debris
  • More susceptible to corrosion, depending on the material

Quality Gutters

If you’re trying to find the right gutters for your Vancouver WA area home, IBEX Roof can help. We have a team of experienced and knowledgeable gutter contractors who can help with everything from gutters and gutter guards to gutter cleaning and maintenance. And for the best in gutters, consider our seamless aluminum gutters with stainless steel mesh gutter guards.

To receive a free estimate on your next gutter project, contact us today. We offer convenient financing options and exceptional warranties.

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